How To Get Back the Lost Village on Clash of Clans – (Android/iOS Trick)


Here see how to get back the lost village on Clash of Clans on Android and iOS devices. This guide will help you learn the trick after which you will never lose your village in Clash of Clans. This strategy game from Supercell has been a massive worldwide hit since its release. Losing one’s rich village full of resources to other players is the most devastating thing that could happen to any player of Clash of Clan. The village on which you spent countless hours to help it stand on its feet could be lost in a minutes during online battles. But worry no more because here we are going to show you how you can recover lost village in Clash of Clans.

After learning this simple trick, you will never again worry about losing your village in Clash of Clans. This guide is all about helping you get back your Clash of Clans village.

Those new to the game should immediately link their Clash of Clans accounts to the game to automatically back up their progress regularly. This protects players from having their achievements and records lost due to sudden device breakage and shutdown.

How to Get Back Lost Village on Clash of Clans – Android/iOS

Sometimes, due to device issues you cannot link your account on a jailbroken iOS device or rooted Android devices. The method below to recover lost Clash of Clans village is quite straightforward. All it requires for you is to contact game’s developers Supercell via text message. Here are the steps for getting lost village back in Clash of Clans on Android and iOS devices.


Steps to Recover Lost Village in Clash of Clans – Android & iOS Devices Guide:

1 – Open Clash of Clans app on your device and tap on Settings icon.

2 – In Settings, tap on Help and Support.

3 – On the top right corner, tap on the Send icon to deliver messages to the Game Support Team.

4 – Now you need to inform the Support Team that you have lost your village. For this, you will need to include following details about the village in your message for quick recovery:

  • Name of your Villages
  • Name of your Clan
  • Level of your Villages
  • Level of Town Halls in Villages
  • When did you start playing? (About a month ago answer should be ok)
  • It would be great if you could attack a screenshot of your lost village.
  • Tap on the submit button to send all of the above information to the support team.

Response time depends on how much information you have provided to the support team. If everything goes right, you should receive a code from Clash of Clans support team. Now copy this code into the Clash of Clans Settings/link a device and there you go, your lost village will return with all resources and achievement from the point of last saved progress session.

Clash of Clans Lost Village Recovery Tips and Tricks

That’s all, you now have got the lost village back in all its original glory. In order to avoid this situation, regularly backup your progress via game account. If you haven’t created your game account then do so immediately.

I hope this guide helped you in recovering lost village on Clash of Clans on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry, Nexus, Lenovo and other Android and iOS powered devices. Do send in your comments if you have any queries.

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