How to Gain XP Faster to Level Up Quicker in Pokemon GO


Record Shattering Pokemon GO has been updated with new version now containing better app stability and fixes for sudden crash due to server overload at Niantic. This has increased Pokemon GO adoption rate to such an extend that it is the most searched item on the internet. But not everyone is an expert in the game, some are new, others can’t wrap their heads around the game-play. It can get really disheartening seeing friends progressing faster in the game while you are stuck in initial levels. Well, its time to change that, now you can surpass all colleagues and friends in Pokemon count by following Pokemon GO tricks in this guide to earn faster XP in Pokemon GO and quicker level up.

The choice is yours, whether you want to play at normal pace to power up the levels or use some ingenuity to whiz past others in terms of Pokemon count by earning faster XP and also pass levels faster in Pokemon GO. Become the best trainer in your locality and be the inspiration for others in your area.

The ultimate goal of every Pokemon GO player is to be crowned as the best trainer in your town and that is only possible if you have plenty of Experience Point aka XP to achieve XP point level target for that level, which makes moving on to the next level faster. This XP system is not new to gaming, we have seen it in number of games before, but the main hurdle that com in your way while following tips in this guide would not be understanding the technical points but your impatience. So, stay focused and patient while following tips here and once you master them then there won’t be any stopping you from becoming the best trainer around.


How to Get Faster Pokemon GO XP to Pass Levels Quickly:

1 – First all start by collecting as many easy to get low-level Pokemon as possible. Collect most appearing Pokemon such as Spearow, Ratta, Zubat and Pidgey to quickly build an army of Pokemon. This also adds candy to your inventory.

2 – Next try to look for and get Lucky Egg. These eggs double XP for up to 30 minutes. When a Lucky Egg is active any XP that you get like 50 XP for visiting PokeStop or 500 XP for evolving Pokemon gets double the normal amount.

3 – Now that you have build a strong army of low-level Pokemon with candy in the inventory and Lucky Egg active, go absolute bonkers and evolve as many Pokemon as possible during this time. Go to captured Pokemon tap the Evolve button for it.

4 – This double evolved Pokemon XP, normally 500 XP, to 1000 XP when the Lucky Egg is active for 30 minutes. Evolving each Pokemon this way should hardly take half a minute meaning you can evolve as many as 60 Pokemon in 30 minutes with 1000 XP each totaling staggering 60,000 XP.

Large XP number assists you in completing the level quickly. If you thing you still need more help in understanding this trick then see video link below.

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