How to Free up Storage Space on iPhone – [Guide]


iPhone users regularly complain, apart from battery life, that storage space on their devices is insufficient. As you download more and more apps on iPhones, storage space get consumed at rapid rate. This creates headache especially for those who own 16 GB or 32 GB devices, since many simply can’t afford to shed money on expensive high end models year after year, which makes managing storage space on iPhone a prime concern for many. Here we are going to solve this conundrum for you guys, follow our instructions in step-by-step guide to free up storage space on iPhone and never run short on space for installing new apps. Our how to guide is intended for owners of all iPhone models over all storage space ranges from 16 to 128 GB devices.

To clean up iPhone storage space you would need follow items to successfully complete the process.

  • iTunes running on Windows PC or Mac
  • iPhone from which you want to clean up space
  • Lightening cable to connect iPhone with PC


How to Free Up iPhone Storage Space:

Step 1 – Connect iPhone with PC Windows & Mac via lightening cable and open iTunes.

Step 2 – Select the device in iTunes.

Step 3 – Under Settings click on the Summery option.

Step 4 – On the right window pane in iTunes, select this computer under Backups.

Step 5 – Right below this computer option in the previous step, check encrypt iPhone Backup option box. Next ‘set password’ window will appear asking to enter password for encrypted backup to protect iPhone. Enter the password and click set password button.

Backup process will start automatically. If it fails to start then click Back Up Now button and wait for the backup to finish, time depends on how much data your device contained.

Step 6 – Next restore the backed up data back to the iPhone. For that, click Restore Backup option next to Back Up Now button under Manually Back Up and Restore.

This may prompt you to switch off Find My iPhone feature from the iOS device. In this case, go to settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone on the device and turn it off. Enter iCloud password and hit the OK button.

Step 7 – A window asking to select the backup you want to restore on iPhone will come up on the screen. Select the backup you created in step 5, click restore button and enter password for encrypted backup to restore it on iPhone.

Step 8 – iTunes will begin the process of restoring the backup on iPhone after which the device reboots. When the device comes back on, it will have the latest backup with all advanced settings and changes but with more space on device. This is because iTunes backup process is clutter free which cleans up junk, thus, frees up more storage space on the device.

This process deletes temporary files from cache along with the data you don’t use anymore. All hidden unnecessary files are deleted from the phone’s system. We hope this simple guide helped you in recovering precious storage space on iPhone to install more apps.

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