How To Flash Stock Firmware On Samsung Galaxy Devices Using Odin

flash stock firmware on samsung galaxy using odin tool

Odin is a useful flashing tool to manually install stock Android firmware update on Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet devices. Flashing stock firmware comes in useful on many occasions – it helps users to unbrick Galaxy phone/tablet, restore to stock firmware in case of virus attack, unroot Galaxy device, fix bootloop, lag, and to update to the latest firmware version.

Samsung Galaxy are the most popular Android devices in the world. Galaxy phones and tablets are the first choice of millions of Android fans around the globe. Samsung keeps churning out one quality Galaxy device after the other every year. Samsung customer support is among the best in smartphone business that’s why users prefer Galaxy device over other Android manufacturers. Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge are some of the best Android devices you can buy right now.

Android’s open source nature makes it easy for users to install custom firmware, MODs, kernels, ROMs, and tweaks. This can also messes with device’s performance if you install incompatible custom tweak, firmware or app. Rooting Android device, installing custom tools can cause problem sometimes. Even if you are using stock firmware you can get into trouble with the bootloop errors and issues sometimes.

In such cases, you can restore the device back to stock firmware using Odin tool to unroot your device, fix bootloop, fix soft brick, or update your device. Most Android updates for Samsung Galaxy devices are available on the internet with .tar.md5 and .tar extension. You can use these firmware files to manually install Android firmware on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. These stock firmware files also allow users to update their Galaxy devices onto the latest Android software without having to wait for the official firmware release which can take up to several months before it reaches your country or region. Samsung pushed latest Android firmware update for Galaxy devices after testing it for 2 to 3 months. But you don’t have to wait for that long to get latest Android firmware because you can easily find latest Android firmware file from the internet and install it onto your device with Odin.

In the guide below we are going to walk you through the process of how to use Odin to flash stock firmware on any Samsung Galaxy device manually. You can follow the same steps as mentioned below for flashing stock firmware on any Samsung Galaxy device.

Before You Start:

1 – Instructions in the tutorial are only meant for Samsung Galaxy devices. Do not try them on any other device.

2 – Disable Samsung Kies before using Odin on computer as it may cause conflicting errors on Android device.

3 – Disable any antivirus and Windows firewall before starting.

4 – Backup important data of your Galaxy device before flashing the stock firmware.

5 – Make sure your device is running on over 60% battery charge before starting the flashing process.

6 – It is recommended that you perform a factory reset before flashing stock firmware to avoid installation errors. For that, boot your device into recovery mode by turning it off and pressing and holding Volume Up + Home + Power keys.

7 – Always use original USB data cable that came with your device to connect it to computer to avoid connection issues.

8 – Make sure that you are either reinstalling the currently install stock firmware version or updating to the newer version. Downgrading to older firmware could affect the EFS partition on your Galaxy device, which can result in device stability issues. Therefore, backup EFS partition before flashing the stock firmware using Odin.

9 – Mostly flashing a stock firmware is safe and doesn’t result in any problem. Your device warranty and Knox remains intact after manually flashing stock firmware using Odin.


You will need to extract zip file to get .tar or .tar.md5 file.

How to Flash Stock Firmware On Samsung Galaxy Using Odin

1 – Download firmware file for your Samsung Galaxy device model and extract it to get .tar.md5 file.

2 – Extract Odin folder and launch Odin.exe file to open the flashing tool.

3 – Now, power off your Galaxy device and reboot it into the download mode: press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power keys simultaneously and release keys when you see a warning sign on the screen. Then, press Volume Up key to enter the Download Mode.


4 – Make sure Odin is running on your computer. Now, plug in your Samsung Galaxy device to computer via USB cable.

5 – On successfully connecting the device, you will see ID:COM port on Odin turn blue.


6 – Next, click the AP (for Windows) or PDA (for MAC) button on Odin and select the firmware file with .tar/.tar.md5 extension which you extracted from zip file. Upon loading the file, Odin will show file title in the log.


7 – Now, make sure under Options box only Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time boxes checked and rest of the them unchecked/disabled. It’s important that all other options are unchecked except the two shown in the image below.


8 – Once done, you can now hit the start button to start the firmware file flashing process.

9 – As the firmware gets installed, you will see progress just above the ID:COM box and on the bottom left you see logs.

10 – It usually takes five to ten minutes for firmware to install. When complete, you will see PASS!! message on Odin to indicate the successful completion of the stock firmware flashing process.


11 – That’s all.

If you are facing any issue during the installation process, don’t hesitate to send queries in the comments section below.

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