How to Fix WiFi Issues on iOS 11 Devices

fix wifi problem on ios 11 iphone and ipad

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix iOS 11 WiFi problems on your iPhone or iPad devices running Apple’s latest mobile firmware.

Apple is done with the global launch of its latest iOS operating system all across the globe. If you haven’t updated your device yet, then follow the instructions in your guide to download iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using OTA and Clean install method for error-free installation. Millions of Apple users have successfully upgraded their devices to iOS 11 to enjoy amazing new features and improvements in the overall functionality of the operating system. Although global release of iOS 11 can be termed as a success, but, as is the case with any major OS release, iOS 11 update is not without its issues as is being reported by many users from around the world. Included in the initial issues that are surfacing on iOS 11 devices is the shabby WiFi problem affecting iPhone and iPad.

Let it be clear from the onset that the WiFi problem on iOS 11 is not something that causes constant signal drop, network disconnection, suddenly crashing while in use, or new improvements fail to take effect, rather it is more of a minor niggle in the overall WiFi functioning on iPhone and iPad. We don’t have any specifics about the origins of this problems yet. Apple hasn’t officially acknowledged the WiFi issue yet, or deems it serious enough to issue a statement about a possible fix. iOS 11 WiFi problem has more to do with the fact that almost every Apple iOS device owner uses a smartphone or tablet with WiFi network daily.

Users getting affected by the WiFi connection problem are voicing their concerns on various online forums that the wireless connection to their devices keeps dropping without any apparent fault with either the device or network itself. Some are sounding off alarms that the wireless signals disconnect intermittently without any perceivable error with iOS 11 or their routers. If that’s not bad enough, there have been certain reports seemingly indicating that connection appears stable with full signal bar showing on certain devices but downloading, web browsing, and streaming online videos are painfully slow to the point as if there is no connection at all.

Fix Slow or No WiFi Issue on iOS 11 iPhone and iPad

As mentioned earlier, Apple is not officially recognizing the issue yet, meaning the company doesn’t consider it to be widespread or serious enough to put out a sloution for it at this stage. However, certain users have took to online forums to share solutions that worked on their devices to fix iOS 11 WiFi issue.

Some say that a simple resetting of network or all settings on iPhone/iPad can fix the problem and restore the network connection back to a state in which it is supposed to work.

In order to fix WiFi on iOS 11, grab your device, head over to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings or if that does work, Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Do note that resetting network settings will revert all user implemented changes to the network and restore it to default factory state. But it won’t remove any data from your device, which is relief to know.

If resetting network or all settings fail to make WiFi work again, then you may have to go down a bit more cumbersome route that requires reinstalling iOS 11 to see if that helps. Clean install of iOS 11 firmware should be left as a last resort since it’s a time consuming process and removes user’s settings from the device. Here is a guide on how to clean install iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad.

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