How To Fix Unable To Capture Screen, DRM Protected Image Error [Screenshot Banking & Other Similar Android Apps]

two ways to fix drm protected image unable to capture screen error on android devices

If you are facing this annoying Unable to capture screenshot error on Android device for apps that don’t authorize taking and saving screens, you can follow instructions in this guide to Fix Unable to capture screen, DRM protected image error on any Android phone/tablet to screenshot backing apps, investment apps, other similar private and business apps that contain sensitive information but don’t allow screenshot feature for security reasons.

Modern smartphone have made it easy to take screenshots, which you can then share with contacts and friends to convey messages that otherwise take a lot of time to write or if you want to send screen containing images. Screenshot features allows you to save everything that’s on the screen. You can use screenshots to send pictures, your current location, information, or for any other personal reason.

Taking screenshots on smartphones is easy. For example, on iPhone you can take screenshot by pressing the Power + Home buttons together, Samsung has introduced a new way of taking screenshots on Galaxy S8 and S8+ which you can learn from this link here.

On most Android phones, you can take screenshots by pressing and holding the Power + Home buttons or by pressing the Power + Volume Down keys at the same time. On many Galaxy phones, all it takes is a simple swipe on the screen to capture a screenshot.

There could be any number of reason for taking screenshot, which makes it a useful thing to have on a smartphone. However, on certain Android apps, it’s no as straight forward to take screenshot as you might think due to restrictions from developer’s side or because of security concerns. On such apps, when you try to take a screenshot, this warning message shows up on the screen that says “Unable To Capture Screen, DRM Protected Image”.

fix unable to take screenshot on Android

You can try whatever workaround you like but this error message just keeps on showing up on the screen. This happens on applications that have a security encryption enabled on them to block any unauthorized person from accessing and taking pictures of sensitive information.

Mostly this Unable to capture screenshot error occurs on banking apps, some Android users have experienced this same error on apps with copyright material on them such as YouTube.

2 Ways To Fix ‘Unable To Capture Screen, DRM Protected Image’ Error On Android Devices To Take Screenshot

Now there are a few ways to get around this restriction on taking screenshot in certain Android apps.

Use The Web Version Of The App

First thing you should do is to open the web version of the app such as banking app or YouTube using the mobile web browser and then capture the screenshot as you normally would withing the app version.

Use DisableFlashSecure Xposed Module

On rooted Android devices, there is a handy tool called DisableFlagSecure module in Xposed framework that automatically disables security settings to allow users to capture screenshots. Download the module from this link here. If you don’t know how to get Xposed Framework on your device, then check links below to get Xposed on Nougat and Marshmallow running devices:

Once you have got latest Xposed Framework installed, use it to download the DisableFlasgSecure Xposed module and install it on your device using Xposed Installer. Then, reboot your device after which the module will be in working condition.

However, don’t forget to disable the module when not required because this will disable security warning from other apps as well which could compromise device security. So, activate it, use it to take screenshot and then disable it to stop unauthorized person from taking screenshots on your device.

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