How to Fix ‘Status 7 Installation Aborted’ Error During Lineage OS ROM Flashing

best ways to fix status 7 error while installiing lineage os

Android users must be well aware by now that CyanogenMod is dead and has been replaced by yet another, even better, Lineage OS ROMs. Only those still living under the rock don’t know about this development. CyanogenMod may be dead and berried, but that doesn’t mean we should say goodbye to Android ROM just yet. Immediately after the shocking closure of development team behind CM custom ROMs for Android, their acclaimed work has been picked up from where it ended by a new team of Android developers from Lineage OS. The LineageOS is a custom ROM development team that designs ROMs based on latest Android version for different OEMs. However, LineageOS is not without its issues and the most commonly reported error that many are report is the ‘Status 7 Installation Aborted‘ while flashing the LineageOS ROM. This is what are going to fix in this tutorial.

LineageOS has quickly became as popular as the previous CyanogenMod custom ROMs for Android. If you own an Android device, you should definitely install LineageOS ROM. At the moment, the latest LineageOS 14.1 custom ROMs is based on Android 7.1 Nougat firmware. LineageOS ROM is a nice way to enjoy latest Android if the stock firmware on your device is full of bloatware, or your device manufacture is yet to release the latest Android firmware version for your device model.

Folks over there at LineageOS regularly push official and unofficial custom ROMs for various Android handsets. But let me point out an issue with Lineage OS that can potentially kill the joy of using amazing latest Android based custom ROMs. Don’t worry it’s not anything that’s going to be a big issue down the line or damage your device beyond repair. It’s only going to halt the installation of the LineageOS in the middle. And if you have been in any such situation, i recommend that you keep on reading as i am going to discuss some easy and best recommended solutions to fix LineageOS installation error. But before that, take a look at the reasons that may cause this Lineage OS Status 7 error in the first place to get a better picture.

Reasons behind Status 7 LineageOS Installation Error:

There could be several reasons behind Status 7 error while flashing LineageOS custom ROM. According to Android developers, one possible reason could that you are trying to flash incompatible ROM on your device. The one which is not meant for your Android device model and firmware. So always install the right one for your device.


Another reason that could be the catalyst for preventing the proper installation of LineageOS is when you attempt to install a custom ROM on an outdated bootloader. Sometimes you see a Trustzone error in the TWRP or CWM recovery before the Error 7. Therefore, it important to keep the bootloader on your device updated. This issue could also result in Status 7 error when you flash the ROM while shifting from a different ROM.

So, the first you should do is to check whether you are installing the ROM for your device model only. And even that doesn’t fix the Status 7. Installation aborted error, then follow the instructions below to solve the problem. This is important because when this error appears during the installation process, it stops right there and your device will remain stuck until you install the ROM.

How To Fix Status 7. Installation Aborted Error While Flashing Lineage OS ROM

See different solution methods to address Status 7 installation problem when installing LineageOS.

1 – Fix Status 7. Installation Error Using OS Updater Script Hack

This first method should be used only when you are sure that you are installing the correct version of LineageOS ROM for your device.

1 – Open the Lineage OS ROM .zip file using file extracting tool such as WinRAR.

2 – Go to META-INF > com > google > android > updater-script

3 – Launch the file updater-script in a text editor.

4 – Here you will see the command assert and the device’s model name.

5 – Check carefully because if the codename of the device does match the script, then this may very well be the main reason behind the installation error. Edit the code to match the device’s codename.

6 – If you like you can delete all the lines with the code assert & getprop and then save the file.

7 – Try installing LineageOS ROM once again. This time it should go through without any error.

8 – That’s all.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, then see the instructions below.

2 – Install Appropriate ROM file

This should be the first step that you should take to fix Lineage OS installation error. Always check that your are installing the correct Lineage OS ROM that’s designed for your device’s model. Here is a list of all Lineage OS latest 14.1 ROM supported devices.

3 – Fix Status 7. (Trustzone Error) When Installing Lineage OS ROM

This error is caused by the outdated bootloader when you try to move from a really old Android firmware to a new one. That’s why its recommended that you keep the most recently released version of bootloader for your device’s firmware. So if you are attempting to install Android 7.1 Nougat based LineageOS ROM, then first ensure that the bootloader is updated and compatible with Android Nougat.

4 – Update Custom Recovery

This one also should be straight forward. Current LineageOS 14.1 is based on the latest Android 7.1 Nougat firmware. Which means Nougat firmware has new features and files that are not present in the older versions.

Android developers constantly release latest custom recovery updates – be it TWRP or CWM – so that they can handle latest firmware tasks. So, if you have been the victim of dreaded “Status 7. Installation aborted” error, then check if your device has the latest version of custom recovery installed on it.

5 – Fix Status 7 (Migrations Error) When Flashing LineageOS ROM

The Migration error could result from trying to don’t follow the steps of migrating from one ROM to another properly. This error is called dirty flashing and occurs when you install from old to new RAM. To avoid or to fix this problem, go for the clean install, including wiping data, cache, and performing factory reset.

Clean install means all currently installed apps get deleted in the process. That’s why most users avoid clean installation to save time but it could also be the main reason behind the Status 7. error.

That’s all folks. Hope this helped you fix the “Status 7. Installation aborted” error while flashing the Lineage OS ROM on your device. Feel free to contact via comments section below if you are still facing issues.

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