How to Fix Slow Charging Issue on LG G3 [Guide]


Fix Slow Charging on LG G3 to permanently address this common issue that is raised by the users of the device from time to time. We often hear LG G3 users talking about slow battery charging problem on their device on various internet forums. If you are one of those unfortunate individuals who have been facing this problem with your phone, then see the helpful instructions below in this guide to Fix LG G3 not charging or slow charging problem permanently.

There is a worryingly large number of LG G3 users who are experiencing their phones either charging very slowly or not charging at all. According to the affected users, when they put their phone on charging, battery percentage moves increases slowly and sometimes it doesn’t move at all for hours on end.

This slow battery charging issue on LG G3 is being reported from around the world by users of different network carriers as well as on contract free unlocked devices. Many people don’t know that there is a range of common problems that cause battery to charge slowly on LG G3. Here’s we are going to look at those issues and try to solve them with easy to implement solutions so that anyone can fix the battery issue on LG G3 phone.

Fix LG G3 Slow Battery Charging Issue

If your LG G3 is having battery charging problems, chances are one of the following reasons are behind it. See instructions to fix battery problems on LG G3.

Faulty Charger

First of all check whether the charger you are using with LG G3 is working as it should or not. The stock LG G3 charger is very durable and lacks in quality. Main charger that comes with LG G3 is prone to damage. Even a slight pressures on wire or putting something heavy onto the charger breaks it. You may not notice physical damage to the charger from outside, but the internal circuitry and wires could already be damaged. So try charging with a replacement charger or buy a new one to see if that improves the charging time on LG G3. Otherwise, see the next solution.

Charging Port Not Working

After making sure that everything is working find with the charging the next obvious course of action involves checking if the charging port on your LG G3 is in working condition or not. Sometimes charging too often and plugging the charging in and out roughly damage the charging port. If small pins in the charging port get broken, charging becomes difficult. Therefore, check charging port and its pins to see if the problem is with them and take your device to an expert for fixing the issue.

Too Many Active Apps

This issue is not limited to only LG G3. Many smartphone models suffer from fast battery drain as well as slow charging when too many active apps are open and running in the background as they suck in hefty amount of battery juice. Open Recent Apps menu on your device and close running apps before charging LG G3.

Wrap Up

Try not to use your phone while charging LG G3. Keeping the device’s massive QHD 5.5-inch display on while charging consumes more battery power. First charge your phone and then use it. So, what do your think? Did these tips helped you to speed up LG G3 charging or you think we missed to mention any other important tip on the matter? Then share your views in the comments section below.

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