How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Problems


Major chunk of Android devices being sold worldwide is dominated by Samsung devices. Samsung has the biggest Android market share among any Android mobile manufacturer. Great design and hardware, responsive software and amazing Samsung exclusive apps are the main reason behind Samsung ruling the smartphone market. But one issue that has plagued almost every smartphone device since smartphone revolution start has been the constant low performance battery issues and unfortunately Samsung is no exception in this regard. Samsung launched two high-end devices this year Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Though both devices come with bigger battery compared to previous models, Galaxy S7 has 2,650mAh battery and Galaxy S7 Edge has 3,600mAh battery. Galaxy S7 battery has small capacity compared to S7 Edge and this is contributing to its downfall in terms of battery performance. It quickly drains and here see how to fix Galaxy S7 battery.

See solution below to increase Galaxy S7 battery life on all variants.

How to Fix Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Life – Enhance Battery Capacity:

Many Galaxy S7 users are flooding different forums on the internet with complaints that the battery life on their devices is dismal. It drains faster than any other previous Samsung Galaxy device despite purportedly having bigger battery unit slotted in them. Samsung Galaxy S7 series comes with amazing new features such as advanced multipurpose camera, high resolution display and power GPU and all this puts pressure on battery, thus, reducing its charging life. Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge battery issues can be resolved by following tips below.

1 – Turn OFF Briefing

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge come with a new app called Briefing. You can place all frequently used apps in Briefing app for quick access. Just swipe left on your device to get it activated. But on the negative side, it also quickly drains mobile battery. Here’s how to disable the app:

  • Long press and hold anywhere on an empty space of the home screen.
  • Swipe left to open Briefing and turn if OFF.

2 – Disable GPS

GPS is one of the main culprits on smartphones that quickly drains the battery. If you are not using any app that requires GPS connection then its better to keep it OFF. Use it only when you need it. Go to Settings > Location and turn OFF GPS.

3 – Close Battery Intensive Apps

Apps that need constant location services and GPS connection, apps that are graphics intensive especially games and video apps put enormous strain on Galaxy S7 battery. Mostly third-party apps are the reason mobile battery quickly dies down. On Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, follow steps below:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Battery
  • Under Battery Usage, force stop and close apps that are consuming most of the battery charge.

4 – Turn OFF WiFI, Bluetooth and Mobile Data

WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile data option should only be enabled when you need them. Most users keep these features ON even when they don’t need or use them. If you don’t need them then keep them disabled. Go to device’s Settings app to manage WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile data options.

5 – Restart Device

If you notice that the device battery is draining faster than usual, then try restarting the device to close any battery intensive operations that may be running in the background without your knowledge. When your device gets too warm, or working slowly and lagging then reboot it to fix the problem.

6 – Use Dark Wallpapers

Most of the time having a bright colored wallpaper background greatly drains the battery. Batteries on devices with AMOLED displays last longer if you have dark colored wallpapers set as background image.

Wrap Up

In the end, i would like to point your attention to some common mistakes most people make when using smartphone that could quickly drain the battery. Bigger display devices consume more battery, so keep the brightness levels low when watching videos. You can adjust brightness from the notification banner on Galaxy S7 devices. Also, keep the screen sleep time to a minimum, keep it at 1 minute or less to save battery.

If none of the method above worked then try factory reset the device. You can share your tips with us in the comments section below.

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