How to Fix Prisma Unable to Access Camera Issue


Prisma is the number one hit app on both iOS and Android in many countries. It was initially release on only iOS platform but soon its popularity forces developers to launch Android version as well, you can download latest Prisma for Android on mobile. However, on Android, many users have complained that they have been getting Prisma unable to access camera error message from time to time. Many users have also reported Prisma over capacity error, but this camera error is more severe and happens often unexpectedly on many Android devices. Here see how to fix Prisma unable to access camera issue on mobile.

When you get Prisma camera not available error, the following message show up on the screen, if you have been getting this, it means there is Prisma error that needs urgent fixing.

“It seems that Prisma can’t get access to your camera. Please try, try to load.”

If you have been getting this message for quite some time now, there is some serious issue that needs to be resolves ASAP.


How to Fix Prisma Unable to Access Camera Error

Here are some solutions that you could try to fix Prisma unable to access camera problem permanently. Also, before trying the solutions below, make sure that you close any app in the background that uses device camera and then open Prisma again to see if that works. Otherwise, see out tips to fix the issue.

1 – Check Permissions

On Android 6.0 or later devices you can change app permissions from settings app. You can have accidently block camera access for Prisma then unblock this restriction to see if that works for you.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Prisma
  • Tap on Permission
  • Enable Camera access to Prisma if it’s been disabled.
  • Close Settings app and Open Prisma app. This should fix the issue.

However, if the camera permission was already allow and you are still getting the error message then check out the next solution.

2 – Clear Cache and Data

See steps below to fix Prisma camera access problem.

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps > Prisma
  • Tap on Force Stop button
  • Next, tap on clear cache & clear data buttons
  • Go back to Prisma app and see if Prisma can access the camera or not

3 – Restart the App

Try this simple solution to see if that works. Close Prisma app and open it again to see if it can access the camera.

4 – Update Prisma or Reinstall the App

If none of the above methods worked to resolve camera access issue with Prisma app then there might be error with the app or you might have updated it to a buggy version. Sometimes developers released buggy updates if the app is new, if there is new update available then upgrade the app to the new update. Or else uninstall the app from the device and try to reinstall it to the latest version.

One last thing that you could do to fix camera access problem is to tap camera switch button in Prisma app settings on and off to see if that works.

Also, problem could be with your device’s camera not with Prisma app. Open other camera apps on your device to see if they work with the camera, see camera app too. If the problem is with the camera then get the device checked by a professional.

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