How To Fix Prisma Running Slow or Over Capacity Errors


Here is a quick guide to Fix Prisma Running Slow or Over Capacity Error on Android and iOS devices. Prisma photo editor app is the latest hit app that is being downloading and used by millions around the world. It offers unique filter and frames that transform your ordinary photos into a piece of art. But due to heavy usage you might get Prisma getting slow or over capacity errors from time to time and these annoying messages would keep appearing until you fix them permanently. In this guide we are going to show you how to fix Prisma running slow or over capacity errors on Android and iOS devices.

Prisma alters the look of your photos with its AI technology. Since we are living in selfie age and sharing them on social networks is the hot trend these days, so to have best photo editor app not functioning at its best could delay posting pictures on social networks. Don’t miss out on a chance to impress friends and contacts with Prisma edited photos.

One big issue that many users are facing is the time it takes for Prisma app to apply filters on photos. It could take from 15 to 30 seconds on some devices for successful filter change and honestly this could be a drag for many users you cannot wait to share their latest artwork with others on social networks. The app gets even slower when you apply multiple filters on different photos simultaneously which could result in Prisma over capacity or running slow error message to pop-up. Here is how to fix this issue.

How Prisma Works

Prisma has artificial intelligence system that automatically detects photo composition and suggests filters accordingly. Subsequently, it inspects components, filters them out and draws the picture based on the perfect combination. It doesn’t perform editing on the phone but used cloud servers in the background until the final edited photo is ready and then shows it on the device for you to save it.

Here are some of the reason behind Prisma over capacity or slow running errors.

Prisma Running Slow Erro – Reason

Since Prisma edits all pictures on its own servers and when so many people tap on filters to apply them on their photos, it puts excessive pressure on cloud servers. Handling millions of photo filter jobs at one time could slow down servers which could delay filter implementation on your photos.

Prisma should enhance server capacity to rectify this issue. Another reason why apply filters could take a long time could be slow or sporadic internet connection. Make sure that you are strong internet connectivity before applying Prisma filters.

Prisma Over Capacity – Reason

When you tap on any filter to apply it on your photos and the app shows that Prisma is over capacity. There are too many people using Prisma right now. Please wait and try again errors, it means that too many people are using Prisma at the particular moment which slows down company servers.


Here’s how to solve Prisma problems.

How to Fix Prisma Over Capacity and Running Slow Errors on Mobile

1 – Stop Multitasking on Android/iOS device

If you are using Prisma and have already too many apps open in the background, it puts load on the device RAM which could slow it down. So, when using Prisma, make sure to close all unnecessary apps before applying filters.

2 – Enable Faster Internet Connection

When using Prisma make sure 3G, 4G, or WiFi connection to your device is stable and has strong signals. Slow internet connection could delay filter implementation on Prisma. Switching from slow WiFi or 3G to LTE could increase internet speed and Prisma should take less time for applying filters.

3 – Close Heavy Data Consuming Apps

Do not run Netflix, other online streaming apps, online games or similar other apps that consume large amount of data while using Prisma. Updating apps or device software while applying Prisma filters could slow down the device. So make sure you keep data consumption to a minimum when applying filters.

4 – Avoid Switching Apps

While applying filters on Prisma photos make sure that you stay on that screen and don’t switch to another app as filter loading gets stuck during app switching. So, wait for the filter to load before switching app screen.

If none of the above method worked to make Prisma run faster then the issue could well be with the company servers because heavy usage could bog down servers while handling millions of filtering jobs at a time. All you can do is wait for the server clog to ease up before start applying filters again.

Sometimes closing and restarting the app also works to increase Prisma speed. If you know of any other method of making Prisma run faster then do share it with us in the comments section.

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