How to Fix Pokemon GO ‘GPS Signal not Found’ Error


Pokemon GO is the most popular game nowadays. It’s being hailed as the groundbreaking game because of its unique augmented reality feature. Although the game is not available in all countries but you can still download and install its APK file for Android to play the updated version even in places where it is not officially available. However, some users are reporting GPS Signal not Found error on Pokemon GO. This error can also appear in the form of ‘Failed to Detect Location’. We hope that future updates may fix this error but if it’s permanently showing on your mobile device then its time to fix the issue for good. Here i am going to show you a quick method to fix Pokemon GO GPS Signal not Found Error.

See instructions below to fix Failed to Detect Location error on Pokemon GO. It should a few minutes at best for you to completely weed out this error from Pokemon GO on your mobile.

How to Fix Pokemon GO GPS Signal not Found Error Permanently:

One reason for Pokemon GO GPS Location Error to show up on your device may be the lack of gps signals available at your home. Try changing the location of your device and see if that got rid of the error. More reasons that could effect GPS signals could be that you are using an old device with outdated signal reception antennas or change device configuration to fix GPS signal reception.


However, if the problem persists then read solutions below to fix Pokemon GO GPS Error. Make sure device’s location service is turned ON before following instructions below:

Fix 1 – Switch on WiFi

If you see Pokemon GO GPS location error on your device, first thing you should do is to check whether WiFi is turned on or not. If not, then switch on WiFi on your device, turn off mobile data for it to work. Don’t worry if you are not in WiFi zone, give it a go anyway and open the game app.

Both iOS and Android users can turn on WiFi from notification area or Settings app. Now open Pokemon Go game app again and see if the problem is solved.

Fix 2 – Disable Power Saving

Power Saving mode on mobile can automatically switch off many feature that would otherwise drain the battery faster. It puts the device in less resources consumption mode and this could also result in GPS location option getting OFF automatically. Turn off power saving mode or battery saver option on iOS and Android devices and start the game again. Also, charge phone battery to max to see if it results in battery GPS reception.

Fix 3 – Enable High Accuracy Location Mode

This tip works on Android devices only. In your device’s Settings app, go to Location option and tap on Mode option and on Mode screen tap on High Accuracy option to set Location mode at high accuracy. Now open the game app again. This should fix Pokemon GO GPS location error. This also improves the working of other mobile apps that depend heavily on GPS location option.


If nothing else works then try restarting your mobile device. This often fixes the GPS location error. I hope this helped in fixing Pokemon GO GPS Signal not Found Error. If you are still facing the problem then let us known in the comments section below.

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