How To Fix Overheating / Fast Battery Drain Issue On Samsung Galaxy Devices


Here’s how to fix fast battery drain on Samsung Galaxy devices due to overheating issue on mobile. This guide is a part of a series of Samsung Galaxy tips and Tricks that we have been sharing lately to help users fix common problems on their Galaxy phone or tablets. Modern smartphone batteries remain Achilles Heel of most tech firms, who are finding it hard to balance battery capacity with device slimness at the same time. Slimmer devices mean smaller batteries which, although are getting better all the time, struggle to handle multiple graphic intensive apps causing the device and battery to heat up and drain faster. However, if your Samsung Galaxy Device overheats after a few minutes of use accompanied by rapid battery drain, a simple trick can come to your rescue and rejuvenate battery on your Galaxy device. See this instructions in this post to know more on how to fix battery drain issue on Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.

One of the most used Samsung devices is the company’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7. Complaints about Galaxy S7 overheating and battery draining quickly issues have been reported by some users. Such issues are common are new firmware updates or installing incompatible apps on your device. But there’s also an easy way of fixing battery drain and overheating problem on Galaxy S7.

How To Fix Overheating and Battery Drain on Galaxy S7 & Other Samsung Galaxy Devices

Galaxy S7 overheating and suddenly battery drain issue mainly occurs due to VR or an app recently released by Oculus (future updates might fix this issue). But VR, Oclus or any other reasons is causing battery drain or overheating, here’s how to fix it.

  • Go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager
  • Find the gear VR service
  • Uninstall or disable the service

To know more about this issue on Galaxy S7, see this Reddit thread. Or see the thread in the support on community discussion thread to “uninstall Oculus Home First, and then Oculus Rooms (in that order) and then re-dock” the galaxy device. After which it should download the latest working update to fix the issue.

Some users are reporting that the bug has been removed in the latest Oculus update with battery issue fix, so try the update first before uninstalling it. Share what’s been causing overheating or fast battery drain issue on your Galaxy device in the comments below.


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