How to Fix KingRoot Not Working / Rooting on Android Devices

fix kingroot not rooting on android

Here’s how to fix KingRoot tool not working / rooting on Android devices. In this guide you are going to learn the best recommended method to repair KingRoot if the tool is not working on your Android device.

Actually there are several ways to get KingRoot back to working state in order to root your Android device with this best one-click Android root tool. Having a properly working KingRoot utility is important if you are looking for a quick, easy method to enable root access on your Android phone or tablet. KingRoot is a powerful tool that allows Android users to root without having to connect their device to computer or to follow lengthy complex methods to grant root access.

Developers behind KingRoot managed to identify an exploit inside the Android Platform Code, which they used to develop a tool in the form of a normal Android application for users to quickly root Android devices with the single tap of a finger.

Those who don’t know much about KingRoot and how it works can check out this guide to learn how to download, install and use KingRoot to easily root Android devices.

KingRoot works like a charm on most Android devices, however, some users have been reporting that they are getting unexpected errors when trying to root their devices with KingRoot. On some devices a ‘No Strategy Found’ error shows up when using KingRoot, on others the error shows up something like ‘Root Strategy unavailable’, ‘No strategy now’, or KingRoot freezes in the middle of the rooting process and reboots the device automatically without finishing enabling the root access.

There could be any number of reasons behind this issue; it may be happening because of the firmware issue on your device. Most recent Android firmware releases often come with latest security patches that automatically fix loopholes used by exploits such as KingRoot to unlock root access. So, if you have updated your device to the latest Android firmware, chances are that it has already patched the exploit, which then blocks any attempt by KingRoot to root your device.

That’s why developers of KingRoot keep releasing updates of the tool at regular intervals to keep the exploit updated and fully equipped to handle all latest changes in the Android firmware in order to ensure smooth root process. They release KingRoot updates for various Android firmware version and device models.

Sometimes using KingRoot on a device which is not connected to the internet can cause it to stop working properly. If Kingroot stop around 50% during the root process and reboots your device unexpectedly, then make sure your device is connected to a stable internet connection. KingRoot sometimes needs internet access to root your device on some models.

Wrap Up:

In the end, after the above solution tips, we are at a better place to ascertain as to what works best to fix KingRoot rooting issue on Android devices. Basically, what you need to do is to downgrade to an older firmware version to see if that makes KingRoot work again. Or, make sure that you have the latest version of KingRoot installed and working on your device. Also, it’s best to use KingRoot with internet working on your device.

In Short:

  • Downgrade to an older firmware version
  • Download and Install latest version of KingRoot, if possible
  • Make sure internet connection is stable.

So, these are the solutions most Android users on various forums have been recommending in order to address KingRoot not working and rooting issue. If you know of any other method, do share in the comments section below.

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