How To Fix iPhone Messages App After A Nasty Prank Freezes It

fix imessages app on iphone after infected prank card bugs

We recommend that if you are using an iPhone and get a text message with a contact card attacked, do not open. There’s a nasty little prank going around on iPhone devices that if not tackled carefully would render your iOS device useless forcing you to contact repair expert.

According to those unfortunate iPhone users who have been the victim of this clear bug, when you receive a text message or iMessage and fall for the prank, it will freeze your messages app, leaving it useless. Worse yet, you can’t even fix it even after rebooting iPhone.

We got a first glimpse of this prank in video from jailbreak researcher vincedes3, who later addressed the issue on the official blog.

What this prank does is it sends a contact card along through a MMS, text or iMessage with a .vcf file format. When the unsuspecting iPhone user taps on the card, the messages app goes berserk, and freezes after which no number of taps or reboots can get it back to work.

The most effective way to deal with this issue is to avoid opening the card or message altogether and delete the thread as soon as you get it.

Some users are reporting that even their iOS 10.2 running devices are not safe from this prank. Moreover, some Android users are also complaining about getting a message from unknown address with an attached .vcf contact card

Fortunately there is a fix that will enable you to bring the iMessages app back to working condition.

How To Fix iMessages App After Open A Message With .vcf Contact Card

According to vincedes3 on his blog, a prankster sends a contact card without any information or code. Here’s what it might look like on your device:

imessage prank screenshot

The card doesn’t contain anything except a load of undecipherable text, which takes over the iMessages app on iPhone device. It look something like this:

imessages error

By the time you get this card, the damage is already done to your iMessages app on iPhone. It starts by slowing down iMessages app which follows by the app failing to respond to any tap or touch.

According to a solution that surfaced online, an allegedly is from the creator of the prank himself, there are two ways to fix the problem. But we are going to share instructions of the solution that has been proven to fix iMessages app.

First of all, vincedes3 recommends opening an HTML link on your iPhone. This will open a new text message, which provides enough free space to send and receive new text messages. Don’t forget to delete the thread with the prank contact card attached with it.

If the above solution worked for you well and good, otherwise see the next solution to unfreeze iMessages app on iPhone after you fell for the prank.

Open Siri on the affected iPhone and send any message from it. You can use any words, it doesn’t matter. Then tap on the Message on the Siri screen which will take you to the messages app. Delete the infected contact card and your iMessages app should be back to normal.

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