How to fix iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Overheating Problem

fix iphone 7 and 7 plus overheating issue

So you have recently purchased brand new shiny iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus but immediately got the shock of your life when you discovered overheating issue. Although modern smartphone technology has advanced rapidly to keep phones from getting hot under heavy use or due to weather itself for that matter, but still no manufacturer has been able to fully curb phone getting hot problem completely. Apple’s latest iPhone 7 / 7 Plus are not different in this regard. Several users are reporting on internet forums that their device quickly gets overheated when they run heavy games or multiple apps simultaneously for a long period of time. For all those out there who are facing iPhone 7 overheating issue, we have best tried and tested solutions down below in this tutorial.

Smartphone getting hot while charging, using over a long time, running multiple apps and games together, or any other reason is a common issue on iPhone 7/7 Plus, just like on any other iOS or Android device. If you are among those who are facing iPhone 7 getting hot issue or overheating issue, then your might want to keep on reading our solutions mentioned below.

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Phone getting overheated is not a new or uncommon on modern devices. Mostly this is linked to RAM on your device, so let’s see how to fix it.

How to Fix iPhone 7 Overheating / Getting Hot Problem

Method 1 –

First of all, you should know that Apple’s recommended temperature for using iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus ranges between 0 degree to 35 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if you are using your phone in surrounding with outside weather temperature below 0 or above 35 degrees, your device will get overheated due to extra pressure on hardware to keep iPhone 7 performing in extreme weather conditions.

Method 2 –

The next solution to fix iPhone 7 overheating or getting hot involves closing all running applications and services including GPS and location services and maps. Experts recommend that you should have RAM & processor demanding services such as WiFi, GPS, Location services, Cellular Data (3G/4G/LTE) services enabled only when needed. Keep them off when not required to prevent your device from overheating.

Method 3 –

Having too many application running in the background is also one of the major reasons behind smartphones getting overheating as it puts added burden on RAM to keep running those apps even when not in use. So if you are playing a graphics intensive game it’s important to close all background apps.

Here’s how you can close background apps on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

  • Grab your iPhone 7 and go to the home screen.
  • Press the Home Button twice to open up a multitasking window.
  • Swipe up to close apps one by one.
  • All done.

Method 4 –

Always charge iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus without case. When you charge your phone, battery cells start moving at rapid rate and emit energy that increases battery temperature and if phones is the case it block further overheat the device by blocking the air flow. While this solution is obvious but far too many iPhone users neglect to take it into account, which ends up decreases long-term battery life as well.

Method 5 –

Apple’s instructions for using the iPhone include avoid using the phone in direct sunlight as it can quickly heat up your device and once it reaches critical level the phone automatically switches off or stops responding until the temperature comes back to normal.

Method 6 –

Always use latest version of the software on your iPhone 7/7 Plus. iOS 10 is the latest mobile software for iPhone and iPad. If you are still using the older version of the iOS, it could contain bugs and errors that can quickly overheat your device. On the other hand, if the latest firmware update contain bugs it could also cause your device to get hot. In that case, downgrade it to the default version.

Wrap UP

These are the best recommended ways to keep iPhone 7 & 7 Plus device temperature at an optimum level. So tell us in the comments section below which solution worked on your device or if we missed any other solution.

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