How to Fix iOS 10 Installation Errors on iPhone and iPad


Apple recently released its latest mobile firmware the iOS 10 for the users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. You can download iOS 10 via direct download links manually or OTA. Many people are reporting issues with iOS 10 download on their devices. If you have been among those, see iOS 10 installation tips and tricks below.

Fix iOS 10 Installation Errors – Tips and Tricks

If you have received ‘an error occurred downloading iOS 10’ message during the installation then these tips will help you to restore your device back to normal and resume the download. These tips and tricks will also help you to fix iOS 10 installation errors. But before going ahead with the solution part make sure that you to restart the download process at least a few times from your Apple iOS device’s Settings app to see if that works as sometimes load on Apple’s server disrupts the download process. If it still doesn’t work then see the following solutions to fix iOS 10 software update failed error on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Use iTunes

Updating and download iOS 10 via iTunes is a more stable option than the OTA update. If your iOS devices is failing to update to the iOS 10 via the OTA method, connect your device with PC, launch the iTunes and start the update process. This should work on most devices. If not then move on to the next solution.

Download iOS 10 update via IPSW files

Okay, first let me make it clear, this solution should only be followed by those who have had an experience of updating their iOS devices manually via IPSW files. See our iOS 10 IPSW files download and installation guide to known more about how to update your device to the latest version without errors but you need to do this manually.

Fix stuck at ‘Update requested?’

As is the case with any major software update, pressure on company’s servers increases manifolds. When you try to download major update and see ‘update requested’ message on the screen stuck at one place, it means company’s servers have succumbed to a huge surge in traffic and become totally unresponsive to new update request as they try to clear the clogged up requests first.

Sometimes after ‘update requested’ message, update starts automatically but other times it gets stuck and the download process freezes. Here is how you can fix this ‘update requested’ getting stuck error.

  • Open Settings app on your device and check whether the network connection is working properly. Try disabling WiFi or mobile data and enable it again to see if that works.
  • Otherwise connect your device with iTunes and try downloading update from iTunes as most installation errors get fixed via iTunes download.

Wait a While

Or you can wait for a few hours until the traffic on Apple’s servers subsides. Wait a day or two and try downloading iOS 10 update again. Every user worldwide receives download notification when Apple released new major update which results in an enormous increase in download requests. This download traffic comes back to normal after initial few hours. Wait a day at most before attempting to update your iOS device to iOS 10.

Restart your Device

If nothing else works, then its time to restart the device. This should only be done after exhausting every other option. Hold Power and Home keys on your iOS device simultaneously for a few seconds. When you see Apple’s logo on the screen, release the buttons. After the phone restarts, try downloading iOS 10 update again.

Fix bricked iPhone or iPad

Some users are reporting their devices getting bricked during iOS 10 update. See our guide to fix iOS 10 bricked iPhone or iPad device.

As soon as more installation errors come in our knowledge, we will update this post with more fixes, so stay tuned.

How did you like new iOS 10 update? Share your thoughts in the comments section or let us known if you have been experiencing any issues with the update, we will do our best to find a suitable solution for you.

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