How To Fix iOS 10 Bluetooth on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch


Here’s a guide on how to fix Bluetooth on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. You can apply tips and tricks in this guide for any iOS 10 powered device. As more and more users are upgrading to the latest Apple mobile firmware the iOS 10, we have started hearing about major issues with the new operating system. The first main issue grappling many Apple users and is being reported at an alarming rate on many online Apple forums is the bluetooth issue on iOS 10. If you have the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus then having fully working Bluetooth on iOS 10 is important than ever before because Apple ditched earphone jacks on latest iPhones, and if you want to listen to anything on your new Apple smartphone via new Airpods it requires fully working Bluetooth connection for Airpod and device to connect. Users of older iPhone devices with iOS 10 can also face this issue, so they should be aware of how to fix Bluetooth on iOS 10 as well. For that, follow instructions as described below.

Growing number of iOS 10 users are reporting that they are having trouble pairing devices running on iOS 10 with accessories such as headphones, speakers, car stereo, or even if it connects the connection is extremely unstable. After such complained about iOS 10 Bluetooth we are sure to hear more complaints about Apple’s decision to abandon 3.5mm earphone hack from iPhone 7/7 Plus.

Bluetooth issue could arise due to many reasons. Sometime it the software rather than the hardware behind faulty Bluetooth. Maybe in future software updates, Apple may address this issue, but for now here are some tricks you can use to fix iOS 10 Bluetooth.

1 – Re-pair Bluetooth

First thing you should try to fix Bluetooth on iOS 10 is to forget Bluetooth device in Settings and re-pair your device. To do so, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth and tap on the ‘i’ to the right side of the faulty connection and select the ‘Forget This Device’ option. After that re-pair the device again. This should fix Bluetooth otherwise see the next solution.

2 – Hard Reboot

Many iOS 10 problem can be resolved by simply hard rebooting/restarting your device. Where nothing else works, good old hard reboot comes to the rescue more often than not. Here how you can reboot iPhone 7/7 Plus and other iOS 10 devices, also in the link see how to hard reboot iOS 10 powered devices other that the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus.

3 – Disable Bluetooth and Re-enable

Try toggling Bluetooth OFF and then ON again to see if that solves the problem on iOS 10. You can disable and enable Bluetooth either from the Settings app or the Control Center. This should bring normal Bluetooth connection back.

4 – Reset Network Settings on iOS 10

For stable Bluetooth connect, accurate network settings are essential. Head over to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and make sure they are set properly and then try to reconnect Bluetooth.

5 – iOS 10 Fresh Install

If none of the above tricks work, its time to clean install iOS 10 on your device. See the link to download iOS 10 on your iPhone, iPad, iPod along with the installation guide.

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