How To Fix Google Play Store Connection Timed Out Error

fix google play store connection issue

Here’s how to Fix Connection Timed Out issue on Google Play Store app on Android devices. Connection errors in apps are not uncommon on mobile or PC platforms for that matter. Failed connected issue can occur on any mobile device, tablet, or PC device. However, if not taken seriously, connection issues can cause problem downloading and updating apps on your device. It impossible to download and update Android apps and games on Google Play Store unless the app can connect with the network, so this is an important issue that should be addressed as soon as it occurs on an Android device.

Just like any other platform, if Connection Timed Out problem becomes a constant feature on Google Play Store on Android devices, it creates issues in downloading apps. So, if you have been the constant victim of this annoying Google Play Store Connection Timed Out error on Android, you can find different ways to fix Connection Timed Out Error on Google Play Store for Android.

How To Fix Connection Timed Out Problem On Google Play Store

Before moving on to the solution part, you should be aware of the causes that cause issues with the Google Play Store app getting connected to the network on Android firmware. Usually when connection problem occurs on the Google Play Store, mostly its because something is disrupting connectivity on your device. It could be the incorrect time or date, device cache getting corrupted, malware attack, incorrect proxy settings, VPN settings conflicting with the default network settings of your device, data getting infected are some of the common known issues behind Google Play Store connection issues on Android firmware.

fix connection timed out error on Android

When this issue shows up on your device, you see a No Connection – Retry or Connection timed out – Retry message when you open Google Play Store app. Now, let’s see most effective ways of fixing this connection problem on your Android device. Methods below increase in complexity, therefore, we are listing them from easy to follow to slightly difficult solution.

1 – Check Date & Time

Although this may seem innocuous at first, but surprisingly, incorrect date and time on Android device can cause connectivity issues at times. This could also cause connection problem in Google Play Store app. To fix this issue, go to Settings > Date & Time and make sure whether the time and date are correct. If not, set proper date and time manually. Now try launching the Play Store app again, it should work now.

2 – Clear Google Play Store Cache

Actually this solution can solve connectivity issues in most Android apps. If the app cache is full or corrupted, best course of action is such a situation is to clear app cache to restore app’s connectivity to the network. To fix this issue, go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons. Now try opening the play Store app, hopefully it will start working again.

3 – Log Out & Login Again To Google Play Store Account

Sign out of your Google Play Store account and try resigning into it to see if that resolved network connectivity issue in the Play Store app. To do so, head over to Settings > Accounts > Google, sign out and remove current Google account. Next, restart your device and login with your Google account again. Now, open Google Play Store app, it should work now.

4 – Adjust DNS Settings

Wrong DNS settings can cause connection problem with Google Play Store app. Try to change DNS settings on your Android device to Fix Google Play Store Connection Timed Out issue. For that, navigate to Settings > WiFi, press and hold the WiFi connection your device is connected to and tap on the Modify network option. Now scroll down and check the Advanced Options and then select Static from the IP Settings. After that, set DNS 1 as and DNS 2 as (you can use your preferred IP address as well, the one you are sure will connect your device to a stable network). Next, reconnect your device to a WiFi network. This should fix the Connection Timed Out issue on Google Play Store.

5 – Connect Your Device To A Different Network

There could be problem with the internet network. If the problem lies at the back end with the network provider, it can make it tough for your device to connect with the network. Disconnect current network and reconnect your device to a new network. If the Google Play Store app successfully connects on the new network, then you might want to contact your network provider and get the issue fixed.

Wrap Up

Above mentioned solution should fix the network connection issues to get the Google Play Store app back to working. If the problem remain, here are some quick fixes you can try to fix Play Store connection timed out issue on Android devices.

First of all, make sure VPN and Proxy are disabled and your device is connected to the main network because VPN and Proxy can cause issues with Google Play Store connection.

If that didn’t work, next things you can try is to uninstall Google Play Store Updates. Sometimes new Play Store update can contain bugs, which result in no connection problem. Restoring the Play Store app back to default factory setting can fix this problem. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and tap on Uninstall Updates button to reset the app back to factory version.

However, if the problem persists, the next course of action requires wiping out cache partition on your device. Turn off your device. Press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously (your device may have a different key combination for booting it into the recovery mode). Now, select the Boot into recovery mode option under Advanced Options on the menu. Next, select the Wipe Cache Partition option. After that, reboot your device back to the normal mode and open Google Play Store app. It should work now.

There are some other ways to fix connection timed out problem on Google Play Store as is being suggested by many users on the Android internet forums. Some users are reporting that resetting app preferences has fix Google Play Store connection issue. Simple go to Settings > Apps, tap on the three dotted icon and tap on the Reset app preferences option. Others are recommending reinstalling Google Play Store app. If nothing else works, its time to perform the ultimate solution of resetting your Android device but make sure to backup device data beforehand.

Do share in the comments section below which solution worked for you to fix Connection Timed Out Issue on Google Play Store app.

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