How To Fix Galaxy S5 Camera Failed Warning Issue


Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most used smartphone devices around the world. It smashed sales records at the time of its launch. Although the Galaxy S5 has been toppled by the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge as the best selling Samsung Galaxy phone in terms of units sold, but it still is one of the most used devices on the planet. One of the main reasons behind Samsung Galaxy S5’s huge success was its amazing camera quality. However, many users of the Galaxy S5 are facing an irritating issue. When they open the camera app a warning message shows up on the screen saying “Camera failed” and then the camera app automatically closes.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 feature a great 16 MP camera which is considered as one of the best for a smartphone even to this day. The Samsung Galaxy S5 16 MP camera shooter lens is capable of recording videos at Ultra HD resolutions. You can record slow motion videos at 120 frames per second. The camera takes decent images even in low light conditions. Samsung has always been at the top of its game as far as the camera on its Galaxy mobiles are concerned.

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Despite having a top quality camera the Samsung Galaxy S5 occasionally suffers from random glitch that causes the camera app to automatically close. Most common issue with the Galaxy S5 reported by users relates to the “Camera has failed” warning. At first, the claims came from the users of the Snapdragon variant of the Galaxy S5. According to them, when they tried to launch the camera app to take pictures or record videos a warning message showed up and when OK is pressed on the warning box the app closes down.

camera failed error galaxy s5

Samsung has released firmware update with the bug fix to address this issue. You might want to flash stock firmware on your Galaxy S5 using ODIN to update it to the latest version with bug fixes for camera issue. But if installing updated firmware doesn’t fix the problem, then there are some other useful tips and tricks that you can use to resolve the camera issue on the Galaxy S5.

If you are experiencing the “Camera has failed” issue on your Galaxy S5 when you try to open the camera app, here is what you can do to fix the problem.

1 – Wipe Camera App’s Data & Cache

Start off with the common and the most popular solution that involves wiping out data and cache of the camera app. Sometimes when a stock app stops working on an Android device, it requires a fresh start. Data and Cache wipe does exactly that on Samsung Galaxy S5. For that, go to Settings > Application Manager and locate the camera app on the list and tap on it. Next, tap on “Wipe Data” and “Wipe Cache” buttons and reboot your device.

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2 – Use A Reliable Third-Party Camera App

If the above data and cache wipe method doesn’t help to make the camera app work on your device, then try to install a third-party camera app. In case the stock camera app has been corrupted beyond repair, the only other quick solution is to download some other camera app from the Google Play Store. There are plenty of useful camera applications from third-party developers on the Play Store that are specifically designed to improve photo and video capturing capabilities of the Galaxy phone. We suggest that you try Google Camera or Sony Camera app.

3 – Check The Camera Sensor

Sometimes a hardware fault could be behind the “Camera has failed” problem. If you are not an expert in mobile hardware, take you device to technician. Detach the camera sensor from the motherboard and cleaning it along with its contact cable, and then reattach it to the camera. Power on your device and open the camera app. Hopefully this will fix the camera issue with your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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