How To Fix Fast iOS 11 Battery Drain [Tutorial]

how to fix fast battery drain on ios 11 tips and tricks

Here are useful tips and tricks that you can use to fix iOS 11 battery drain issue on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

iOS battery drain has been an eternal dilemma that Apple is still trying to figure out. iOS 11 is being hailed as the biggest OS update since iOS 7 which seems like a lifetime ago. There is not denying the fact the Apple has put in a great effort to make sure new features work seamlessly. But one can never discount the chances of certain issues arising after the installation of a big operating system update that contains great number of new changes to the functioning of the entire operating system. For instance, iOS 11 is based on Apple’s new file system, it no longer supports 32-bit apps, and lots of other new changes. Departure from traditional functions often disturbs the normal flow of any system on a digital device. Similarly, many iOS users have noticed a rather peculiar issue of battery life of their device heading south since iOS 11 upgrade. If you are facing bad iOS 11 battery life issue, following tips and tricks might prove useful on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Find Fast Battery Draining Applications:

First of all, if your device is encountering bad battery life draining problem ever since upgrading to the new iOS 11 update, look for the applications that are the real culprits behind it. Many apps are not fully optimized yet for iOS 11, which could be causing device battery to drain faster than the normal rate. These apps include both stock apps from Apple, or the ones downloaded from the App Store on your iOS 11 running iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Now, to address this issue, go to Settings > Battery on your iOS 11 device where you will see a list of apps with their battery usage status shown in percentage form next to them. Mostly, graphic intensive and social media apps are the main reason behind fast battery drain, so look for those and close them down. Or you can look for a similar app with better battery optimization and install it from the App Store, or consider cutting down the usage of apps that are putting hurdles in your way to preserve battery life.

Hard Reboot iOS 11

Good old hard reboot is one of the most underestimated problem-solvers on smartphone and tablet. Many take it for granted, but actually it resolves more common minor issues than people think. A simple reboot of your iOS 11 device can return the battery life back to its optimum level again. Here is how to hard reboot iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Non-iPhone 7 users can perform hard reboot by pressing and holding the Power + Home/Touch ID button on iPhone, iPad or iPod and keep holding them down for around 10 or so seconds. Release physical buttons when device screen flashes and an Apple logo shows up on the display.

Disable Raise to Wake

Raise to Wake feature automatically handles screen brightness as it detects when an iOS device is in use and when its in standby mode. It makes sure that your device has an optimum brightness level according to the condition of surrounding light. Keeping raise to wake off can offer extra minutes of battery life. To control this setting, navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness and toggle the Raise to Wake switch OFF.

Use Background App Refresh Only When Needed

This is often the main culprit behind bad battery life issue on iOS 11 devices. This is also very easy to fix. To prevent your device from constant searching and pulling new app updates and content in the background, it is better to either switch this feature completely off or limit its use to only the most important apps for you.

You can access this feature from Settings > General > Background App Refresh on iOS 11 iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

fix battery life on ios 11 tips and tricks

Adjust Screen Brightness

This one is not hard to understand. Is your iOS 11 powered device is running out of battery juice way faster than it normally does? It’s likely because you have set device brightness level too high. If you have automatic brightness setting enabled, try turning it off to see if that makes any difference to the battery life. Keep manual brightness ON and set it around 20-30 percent level. You can access this screen brightness options from Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Auto-Brightness > OFF.

Disable iCloud Keychain

Battery on smartphones and tablet has been the perennial problem that even the most advanced tech companies have not been able to fix completely. Sometimes the most insignificant of features could be the main reason behind bad battery life drain issue on a smartphone. On iOS devices, as in previous OS versions, many users reported that they managed to fix bad battery issue on iPhone/iPad/iPod by simply turning the iCloud Keychain feature Off and On whereas others suggested leaving it off altogether. To access iCloud Keychain on iOS 11, go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Keychain and disable iCloud Keychain feature.

Enable Night Shift Mode

Though it may not be conclusive that enabling night shift mode can have a positive effect on an iOS device battery, but some users have reported that using Night Shift mode gave an extra kick to battery life by delivering more battery minutes than when its off. In order to enable this feature, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift on your iOS 11 device.

Low Power Mode

Low Power mode is one of the useful features that iOS device owners can use. When enabled, it puts a limit on features like network connectivity, and automatically disables features that consume extra battery power but aren’t important enough to ensure smooth working of phone/tablet. Low Power mode turns off automatic email fetching, this means you have to manually refresh the mail app to get new emails, but, on a positive note, it does increase battery life. To access this feature, go to Settings > Battery and enable Low Power Mode.

Reset All Settings on iOS 11

If none of the above solution result in increasing battery life of your device running iOS 11, then the last solution is to reset all settings of your iPhone or iPad. This may not be ideal, but it will disable anything hidden that might be causing fast battery drain while keeping all data intact. Head over to Settings > General > Reset and toggle on the Reset All Settings option.

Clean Install iOS 11

Even resetting all settings fails to improve battery life? Then clean install of iOS 11 is in order. It may be a time-consuming method but can help restore some of the lost life back into the rapidly deteriorating battery. If an OTA update of iOS 11 has wrecked havoc on your iPhone/iPad’s battery, it’s better to perform a clean install of the latest version of the firmware rather than going with the over-the-air update method. Here is everything you need to know about clean installing iOS 11.x: Download iOS 11 and Install on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [Guide].

Downgrade to Previous Firmware

This should only be used a solution of last resort when all else fails to stop fast battery drain on an iOS device. Try rolling back to the older version of iOS operating system to see if that helps to fix bad battery life on your iPhone or iPad. Follow the instructions in this guide to downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3 or iOS 10 [Tutorial].

Take Your iOS Device to Genius Bar

Finally, it’s time to consider the most dreaded of all solutions to fix bad iOS 11 battery life issue, which involves booking a Genius Bar appointment and take your device to nearby Apple Store for examination by technicians. Hopefully, Apple’s technical support team will able to identify the issue with your device’s battery and recommend an easy fix for it as the problem could be with the hardware.

So, which one of the above solutions helped to address fast iOS 11 battery life drain issue on your device? Share in the comments section below. Also let us know if you are aware of any solution that might help make the battery life better on iOS 11.

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