How To Fix ‘Failed To Mount Cache (Invalid Argument)’ On Android

fix failed to mount cache error guide

Here’s a guide on how to Fix Failed To Mount Cache (Invalid Argument) on any Android phone or tablet. Many Android users would be familiar with this error that occurs out of nowhere every now and then. You know its not a good sign when you see this Failed to Mount Cache error on Android device. In this guide, we are going to show you how to fix cache error on Android.

This error results when there is something wrong with the cache partition on your Android device. It can get pretty serious if not addressed quickly. Android devices fails to boot properly when this problem takes over the system files. Biggest sign of this error is when you device doesn’t boot up normally and remains stuck on the boot screen for a long time. Since this error is related to Android system files, the solutions requires some technical know-how as well, which can get difficult to understand for average Android user. That’s why we have come up with a simple solution that will Fix Failed To Mount Cache (Invalid Argument) on Android devices.

To fix this error you to be required to boot your Android device into the recovery mode. Once in the recovery mode, you will see a menu similar to the one shown in the image below if your device is facing this Cache Mount error.


If you are here, it means you have been looking for the solution to this error. And here you will find out how to permanently get rid of this Failed to Mount Cache (Invalid Argument) from your Android mobile or tablet. Follow the instructions in the guide below. But before starting, let me remind you that you will lose all current data of your Android device, including messages, call logs, contacts, apps, and more. So better backup data of your Android device. Moreover, this solution doesn’t require tinkering with device data partition, as it involves technical knowledge of Android system. We will try to keep this solution as simple as possible for everyone to easily understand and follow.

Fix Failed To Mount Cache (Invalid Argument)

Make sure to follow all steps as mentioned below in order to ensure that the Mount/Cache error gets removed from your device permanently.

1 – Boot your Android device into the Recovery mode.

2 – Press and hold Volume + Power keys simultaneously if you are using Nexus device. Samsung Galaxy users need to press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power keys to boot your device into the recovery mode. If you are using an Android device other than these two brands then refer to your device manual to learn how to enter your device into recovery menu. Mostly on Android devices the key combination for activating recovery menu is Volume Down + Power / Volume Up + Down + Power key combination.

3 – Now, when your device is in the recovery mode menu, use the volume keys to navigate and highlight Mount System/Cache option and press the power key to select it.

4 – Next, head over to the Wipe Cache Partition option in the and press power key to select it.

5 – When done, reboot your device from the main menu of the recovery mode.

6 – If your device doesn’t boot up as normal, go back to the recovery mode > mount system/cache and repeat the above steps and then try rebooting your device again.

7 – You device to boot up as normal now.

8 – That’s all.

However, in case the above solution doesn’t work to fix cache mount error, you may need to factory reset your Android device or check out our solution to fix common Android problems. To let us know if you need further help to solve this problem or send your feedback in the comments section below.

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