How to Fix Camera Failed Error on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – [Guide]


Here see how to fix camera failed error on Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Users of Samsung Galaxy device must be familiar with this camera failed error on their devices as it is a common occurrence on Android powered Galaxy devices. When this error starts to take effect on your device it will freeze camera app on your device rendering it unusable. One fix for this error is have quality third-party camera app on Samsung Galaxy Note 7. But if you like Samsung’s camera app then see below how you can fix camera failed error on Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

There are three ways you fix Samsung Galaxy Note 7 camera app on your device. You can try to wipe out cache partition from your device or you can try to clear camera app data and cache to see if that fixes camera app on Galaxy Note 7. If nothing else works then see how you can factory reset the device to get the Note 7 camera app working again.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Camera Failed Error

See below three step-by-step guides to fix camera app on Note 7 to get rid of camera failed error.

1 – Delete the System Cache of Your Device to Fix Camera Failed Error:

  • Turn off your Note 7 device.
  • Long-press and hold Home + Power + Volume Up buttons simultaneously.
  • When you see the Samsung Logo on the screen, release the power button but keep pressing Home + Volume up buttons.
  • When you see Android logo, release all remaining buttons.
  • Use Volume Down button to navigate on the menu and select wipe cache partition option from the list.
  • Press the Power button to select the option.
  • When asked about confirmation, select Yes.
  • Wait for the process to complete.
  • When its done, select ‘Reboot system now’ and press the Power button.
  • That’s all.

If nothing happens after following the above method then follow steps in the next solution.

2 – Fix Camera Failed Error on Galaxy Note 7 by Clearing App Data and Cache:

1 – On your Note 7 device, go to the Settings app.

2 – Now tap on More tab in Settings.

3 – Tap on Application Manager option from the list.

4 – Now swipe left to select All Applications.

5 – Here you will see the list of all installed apps, tap on the Camera app.

6 – Next, tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data options.

7 – Close settings app and restart the device.

That’s all. This should fix the problem if not then see the next solution.

3 – Fix Camera Failed Error on Galaxy Note 7 via Factory Reset:

If no other option works then its time to reset the device and restore it back to the factory reset level. Backup all device data before following this solution.

1 – Turn off Galaxy Note 7.

2 – Long-press and hold Power + Home + Volume Up button together.

3 – Release the Power button when you see Samsung Logo, but do remove fingers from Home and Volume Up buttons.

4 – When Android logo appears on the screen, release all buttons.

5 – Use Volume Down button to navigate down the list of options and highlight wipe data/factory reset option.

6 – Press the Power button to confirm your selection and select Yes on the next menu screen.

7 – Wait for the process to finish. After which select ‘reboot system now’ option by pressing the Power button.

That’s all. You successfully managed to fix Camera failed error on Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Leave comments if you any queries.

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