How To Fix Bootloop Error On Nexus Devices

fix boot loop issue after flashing firmware update on nexus

Here’s how you can fix bootloop on Nexus devices after flashing a firmware update. Boot loop issue is not a new one on Android devices, especially if you try to install unsupported firmware on it. Knowing how to quickly resolve bootloop issue on your Android device could save it from potential bigger harm. In this guide, we are going to show you how to fix boot loop issue on Nexus devices.

If you tried to install a firmware update on your Nexus device via OTA update or manually installation method but for some reason your device stated experiencing bootloop issue, then follow the steps in the guide below to learn how to fix boot loop on Nexus devices. When your device enters a bootloop, it remains stuck on the boot logo after which it restarts automatically until you power off your device.

In this guide, we are going to walk you through the process of fixing bootloop error on Nexus phones or tablet. Bootloop issue on Nexus devices could happen if you try to flash the OTA firmware update files after installing TWRP recovery. Other reason is the installation of custom firmware over the stock firmware as the custom files could be corrupted, damaged, or incompatible with your device model and replace the original stock firmware files, which ultimately cause your device to stuck in a bootloop. Here’s how to resolve bootloop issue on your Nexus device.


Enable USB debugging on your device: Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.

Make sure your device has minimum 80% charging remaining.

Download Files:

Download USB Drivers for Nexus.

Download ADB and Fastboot on Windows or MAC.

How To Fix Boot Loop On Nexus Devices

Before anything else, download the stock factory firmware for your Nexus device. This will be the same firmware that was installed on your device before it went into the bootloop issue.

Next, copy and paste the firmware files so that you have two copies of firmware on your device.

Now, copy the first firmware OTA zip file to the ADB and Fastboot installation directory on PC.

After that, copy the second firmware file of factory images to the same folder directory where you downloaded and extracted ADB and Fastboot.

Locate the stock recovery .img file and flash it using fastboot.

Now, connect your device to PC via USB cable.

Open adb and fastboot folder and copy the recovery.img file inside the folder.

While inside the ADB and Fastboot folder, press SHIFT key + Right-click on an empty space inside the folder window and select ‘Open command prompt here’ option.

In the command prompt, type adb reboot bootloader command and hit enter to boot your Nexus device into bootloader mode.

Again, in the command prompt, type the fastboot flash recovery recovery.img command and hit enter to flash stock recovery on your Nexus device.

Once the process is complete, type adb sideload command to flash the firmware on your device.

Once complete, you can reboot your device back into the main firmware by tying fastboot reboot in the command prompt.

That’s all. This will fix boot loop issue on your Nexus device and restore it back to the firmware. For questions, send comments below.

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