How To Fix Bluetooth on iOS 11 iPhone and iPad

fix ios 11 bluetooth not working on iphone and ipad

Here are some useful Tips and Tricks to Fix iOS 11 Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad. If your device is experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issue since updating to the new iOS 11 firmware, then these solutions could help fix Bluetooth not working or Bluetooth keeps disconnecting issue on iPhone and iPad.

New major firmware update for compatible iOS devices is now available for free download and install via OTA update or Clean Install methods. Full public release brings with it amazing new features, security patches, and performance improvement to the overall functionality of the world’s foremost mobile OS. For the most part global release of iOS 11 has gone without serious issues that are normally associated with a big operating system update. But some users are complaining about Bluetooth on their device keeps getting disconnected, or not working at all in some cases. Apple is yet to recognize the problem officially. You don’t need to wait for the official solution to arrive, because in this post we are going to share some tips that might prove useful in resolving iOS 11 Bluetooth issues on your iPhone or iPad.

Some issues post-major firmware update can only be fixed via solutions officially released by the company itself. While other incantations of the bugs and errors that occur after installing a new big operating system update can easily be fixed using simple tricks that anyone can perform on their devices. Thankfully, Bluetooth issue on iOS 11 is not serious enough to warrant an official Apple fix. So, if you are among those who are facing random Bluetooth disconnection or Bluetooth failing to connect your iOS device with other external devices, then these tips and tricks below could prove to be useful in rectifying the problem.

Bluetooth connectivity is important on smartphone and mobile device as it allows users to establish wireless connection between nearby devices for data transfer, file sharing, and other tasks. It can get really frustrating when Bluetooth stops working properly. If Bluetooth is acting funny on your iOS 11 device, try these solutions mentioned below to give it a go.

Turn Bluetooth OFF/ON: Let’s start with a simple trick that requires turning the Bluetooth toggle device OFF and then ON again on your iOS device. Remember in iOS 11, turning the Bluetooth toggle on and off from Control Center doesn’t enables/disables the feature anymore, you have to head over to Settings > Bluetooth to turn wireless Bluetooth radio off and on.

Reset Network Settings: If disabling and re-enabling Bluetooth failed to make it work, next step is to reset network settings of your iOS 11 device. This will take network settings back to factory default status, meaning you have to enter network password again to connect to it. But it fixes the issue as well, so a bit more effort is worth it in the end. For that, go to General > Reset > Reset Network Settings on your iOS 11 device.

Reset All Device Settings: If resetting of networks doesn’t work, the next thing you should do is to reset entire device settings. This will take your device back to default factory state and in the process disable settings manually implemented by user that might have been causing issues with the working of Bluetooth on iOS 11. Head over to General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Clean Install iOS 11: This should be left till the end when none of the above solutions work to fix iOS Bluetooth issue. Clean install ensures all erroneous installation files that may be putting hurdles in the proper functioning of the Bluetooth feature are removed from your device. You can follow our guide on how to perform clean installation of iOS 11 firmware: How to clean install iOS 11.

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