How To Find Out your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery won’t Explode


Samsung is reeling under enormous pressure of PR disaster ever since the launch of its latest Galaxy Note 7 device due to exploding batteries problem. Several confirmed incidences of exploding Note 7 devices have surface since the launch of the device last month. Samsung stock value has taken a massive hit, wiping out staggering $7 billion from the company’s net worth. Before the situation got out of hand, Samsung decided to recall Galaxy Note 7 devices from around the world.

Samsung has refunded the owners of exploding Note 7 phones and all those who had pre-ordered the device also got their money back. Samsung has so far recalled approximately 2.5 million devices, Samsung is advising users remaining Note 7 users to charge the battery up to 60% to prevent any change of device explosion.

There is something else Samsung has done to ensure the safety of current Note 7 users. It has created an online tool which tells you whether your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is affected and has a damaged battery or not. Those die-hard fans of Note 7 who don’t want to send their devices back but also don’t want to live with the fear that their device could explode anytime with dire consequences, then this online tool from Samsung is what you need ASAP to check the safety level of your Note 7.

Samsung has created a webpage called “Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Program,” that comes with a tool which enables you to check your Note 7 battery’s safety status.

How to Find out if Galaxy Note 7 Battery is Safe?

This important question must in the every Galaxy Note 7 user right now. You can easily check the note 7 battery status using Samsung’s online tool. All you need is to known your Note 7’s IMEI number. Just enter Note 7’s IEMI in online website portal to find out whether your Note 7 is potential risk or not.

  • On your Note 7, dial *#06# and copy IMEI.
  • Go to Samsung’s Note 7 Battery checker and enter the IMEI code.
  • You will get a security code from Samsung on your device, enter it in the portal and check if your phone is safe from harmful battery.

If the result shows that your device’s battery is perfectly fine and there is no need to be worried about explosion then keep your device and use it as normal. If it says that the battery is faulty then the replace as soon as possible. Have you been the unfortunate victim of Note 7 BatteryGate? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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