How To Fake Location on iOS 11 Devices [No Jailbreak Required]


In the following guide, you’ll learn how to easily fake location on iOS 11 powered iPhone or iPad. There is no need to jailbreak your iOS device to spoof iOS Maps location. To perform this trick, follow a step-by-step tutorial below and learn this simple and very useful trick to spoof your location on the stock iOS Maps app. This will also be very useful in changing to a new location for games like Pokemon GO without having to jailbreak your smartphone or tablet.

Spook iOS Maps App Location on iPhone without Jailbreak

If you are a fan of games like Pokemon GO that are based on augmented reality with location based gameplay, then you must have known by now that how important the physical position of the device is to your chances of success. For example, in Pokemon GO, different locations have different types of Pokemon hidden there, which means you have to walk to that exact spot in order to catch them. Games based on Pokemon GO theme are becoming ever more popular. But staying put in one place doesn’t help your chances of progressing far in the game. It is not possible to immediately walk to the location where Pokemon has spawned on the map. But a new trick has arrived that fools the game (and your device) into thinking that you are on the move even though you are nicely tucked inside the blanket at home. Keep on reading to find out how to pull off this amazing trick without jailbreaking your iOS 11 device. This solution should work for other similar apps as well. It works with apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, and others.


How To Spoof Location on iOS 11 Devices without Jailbreak

Step 1 – Connect your iPhone or iPad to a PC or Mac.

Step 2 – Launch latest iTunes on your computer. If it doesn’t open upon connection, launch iTunes manually.

Step 3 – In iTunes, go to the connected device by clicking on its icon.

Step 4 – Now in Manually Back Up and Restore section of iTunes, click the Back Up Now button. Make sure that Encrypted iPhone backup option is disabled/turned off.

itunes backup ios 11

Step 5 – Now download a software called iBackupBot. Download link: Download Windows or Mac version from the official page.

Step 6 – Install the software tool and launch it on your computer.

Step 7 – Upon initiation, the program will automatically detect the previously created backup in iTunes, and load all associated information related to it.

Step 8 – Now, the iBackupBot software will navigate to one of the two location shown below. They are shown below because you will need them to access a specific file.

  • System Files > HomeDomain > Library > Preferences.
  • User App Files > > Library > Preferences

Step 9 – Once you have reached the location in your device, find and open the file. This file is linked to the maps app.

Step 10 – Inside this file, you will see a certain file structure. Find the section of data which starts with the <dict> tag and keyword followed by inserting the following two links directly under that section:


Step 11 – Save the edited file and close the iBackupBot software.

Step 12 – Now, on your iOS device, go to Settings and head over to iCloud > Find My iPhone and make sure that the function is disabled (toggled off). It may prompt you to enter device’s passcode for confirmation. Perform all these steps while keep your device connected to the computer.

Step 13 – Next, return to the iTunes and this time select the Restore Backup option. Select the edited backup that you just saved using iBackupBot software in the above steps.

Step 14 – Wait for the backup to fully restore on your iOS device. Then, launch the Maps app and choose your desired location. You will see an information bar at the bottom of the screen, tap on it.

Step 15 – Inside there you will get the option called Simulate Location. Tap on it to teleport to the location that you selected in the previous step.

Step 16 – That’s all.

You have successfully spoofed the location of your iOS device without jailbreak. Don’t forget to share this useful trick with friends.

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