How To Enable Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp Beta 2.16.346 & Over on Android Devices


WhatsApp beta testing program is one of the best in the world. WhatsApp regularly released beta updates for its users with bug fixes, performance improvements and new features to enhance the end-user experience. Starting from the WhatsApp beta 2.16.346 and above, you’ll be able to enable two-step verification WhatsApp for Android. Two-step verification is recommended by most companies, since it helps in doubling down on user privacy by making it difficult for others to gain unauthorized access to your device or apps installed on it. For the first time in WhatsApp, you can now enable two-step verification for Android beta 2.16.346 APK or over. In the previous beta update, WhatsApp introduced a new video call feature for its users.

If you are enrolled in WhatsApp beta testing program, you’ll get the beta app update notification in the Google Play Store of your device. Or download it manually from the direct download link given in the link above. After installing the 2.16.346 or above on your device, you can proceed to activate two-step authentication.

WhatsApp Now Lets Beta Testers Enable Two-Step Verification from Android Beta 2.16.346 or Above

Activating two-step verification on Android’s WhatsApp beta version is simple. After downloading and installing the WhatsApp Beta 2.16.346 or above, launch the app on your Android device, head over to the WhatsApp Account Settings page, here you’ll see a new option to enable twp-step verification with a brief description of what it does. The app will send a 6-digit code to the phone number you linked with WhatsApp. Enter that 6-digit PIN, and then email address to enable extra security on your WhatsApp Messenger app for Android.


When the two-step verification is enabled, you can configure WhatsApp on any other device will need to know the 6-digit PIN that you just created, or have access to the email address that you entered in case you forget PIN. The entire process takes hardly a few minutes.

The latest WhatsApp beta app also has the ability to play audio messages in the background. This feature could come handy if you receive a long voice message but want to type messages or use some other app at the same time while listening to the voice message.

How has your experience been so far with the latest WhatsApp beta update with two-step verification, audio messages, and video call features? Let us know in comments section below.

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