How To Enable Slide To Unlock On iOS 10

get slide to unlock on ios 10

Missing good old slide to unlock iOS features on your iOS 10 device? If you are one of the fans of the slide to unlock feature of iOS, then see the instructions in this guide to learn how to get it back on iOS 10 running iPhone and iPad.

Apple abandoned slide to unlock method of unlocking iPhone and iPad starting from iOS 10. We are not sure why the Cupertino giant decided to do away with much loved iOS device unlock feature. Apple has brought in a new way of unlocking iOS device from iOS 10 and later firmware version. This new method requires users to press the home button or touch finger on the fingerprint sensor to unlock the deice. But in all honesty it lack the finesse of swiping your thumb across the bottom of the iPhone or iPad to unlock the device.

For some reason tapping or pressing on the home button to unlock iOS 10 device just doesn’t feel the same as swiping to unlock like on previous iOS versions. For all the fans of the swipe to unlock, there is an awesome tweaks named SlideToUnlock10 for users of jailbroken iPhone or iPad. You can download this classy free jailbreak tweak from Cydia under the repository. Download it now to rekindle those sweet memories of swooshing/swiping to unlock iPhone/iPad.

According to the official tweak description, “This tweak brings up the passcode view when you slide to the right (normally to show Today view), or unlocks your device if you have no passcode set.”

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Apple’s iPhone made swipe to unlock famous back in the day when the device was first launch in 2007. Since then it has been a standard practice on smartphones to unlock the device. However, since the rise of fingerprint sensors and touch ID scanners on phones, swipe to unlock method of unlocking phone or tablet is fast becoming the thing of the past. Apple’s made the move away from swipe to unlock method to make way for the feature that allows users to access widget on the lock screen.

get slide to unlock back on ios 10 devices

Thanks to the folks who work tirelessly in the jailbreak community to design tweaks to enhance user experience, we can once again enjoy the same great swipe to unlock features on iOS 10 running iPhone and iPad. But you will need to jailbreak your device in order to get slide to unlock back on iOS 10 devices.

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