How To Enable Samsung Galaxy WiFi Hotspot and Tethering

how to enable wifi hotspot tethering on samsung galaxy

In this guide, you will see steps to enable Samsung Galaxy WiFi Hotspot Tethering to share your internet connection with nearby devices. This method can be used on any Samsung Galaxy branded smartphone and tablet to enable WiFi Hostpot and Tethering for mobile or WiFi network sharing between multiple devices.

Option to activate Tethering and WiFi hotspot on Samsung Galaxy devices is really useful. Almost all smartphone tasks these days depend on a reliable internet connection. WiFi tethering option effectively turns your phone into a WiFi hotspot to enable data sharing with other devices. For instance, if you have a Samsung Galaxy device in which a SIM Card (mobile data) is used for internet and when you want to share it with others who can’t get access to the internet on their devices, then this the perfect solution in that situation. By enabling tethering, you turn smartphone into a router that relays internet data to a single or multiple devices in close proximity.

Ubiquity of internet has made it easily accessible these days. Widespread WiFi and mobile data coverage ensures that you never be without the internet on your phone, tablet, computer or laptop. But what about some network related fault disrupts the availability of the internet connection or WiFi stops working for some reason? In this case, you can enable mobile data, activate tethering, and connect your computer or mobile. Windows PC or Mac users having issues with their WiFi Hotspot can follow this guide to see three ways to fix hotspot shield error on computer.

samsung galaxy wifi hotspot and tethering

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Now in the following guide we are going let you know how to enable WiFi hotspot and tethering on your Samsung Galaxy device to turn it into a router for network sharing with nearby devices. Users of other Android devices can follow this link to download portable WiFi hotspot app to always stay connected to the internet.

How To Enable WiFi Hotspot Tethering on Samsung Galaxy Phones & Tablets

Although the route to enable WiFi Tethering on Samsung Galaxy devices might be different depending on the model you are using, but the main option on all are more or less the same.

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1 – On your Samsung Galaxy phone, go to the Settings app’s main menu.

2 – Find the “Network Connection” category and tap to open it.

3 – Select “Tethering and WiFi Hotspot” option and then tap on “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot”.

4 – Now tap on a small button at the top right corner of the screen to enable WiFi hotspot.

5 – That’s all.

After activating WiFi tethering, there are a few options that you can set, such as the name of the Network ID, password, and select the number of devices that can access your network data.

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