How To Enable Portrait Mode In Camera App On Non-iPhone 7 Plus Devices

enable portrait mode on non-iphone 7 plus devices

Here’s how to Enable Portrait Mode in stock Camera app on non-iPhone 7 Plus devices running on iOS 10 or later.

iPhone 7 Plus has an exclusive Portrait Mode camera app feature which you won’t find on other iPhone models. This portrait mode has been designed specifically to take advanced of the advanced dual-lens camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus. This dual-lens camera lens feature, which can be access via stock camera app, on Phone 7 Plus delivers stunningly detailed in-depth field effects. This feature came along with the iOS 10 update and has been improved further in subsequent updates.

Ever since the portrait mode feature became available, numerous copy-cats by third-party app developers flooded the App Store trying to cash in on this unique iPhone 7 Plus native stock camera app feature. But few managed to replicate the effect, detail, and depth of the effects that’s otherwise possible on the native app on iPhone 7 Plus device only. However, a new tweak on Cydia has arrived, which not only offers the portrait mode function for devices other than the iPhone 7 Plus with same great end-result in terms of image quality. You can download this new Cydia tweak on iOS 10.1 or later jailbroken devices to get native portrait mode function even if your iPhone model doesn’t have a dual-lens setup.

get portrait mode on non-iphone 7 plus devices

There’s nor denying the fact that the new Portrait Mode for iPhone 7 Plus camera app has been among the main driving factors that have compelled many users, who until now preferred smaller 4.7-inch model, to upgrade to the more expensive larger display model just to be able to take advantage of this great new dual-lens supported portrait mode exclusive only to iPhone 7 Plus. This fact is corroborated by recent reports that users in the US are moving towards larger sized iPhone 7 Plus, as more and more people are starting to embrace the concept of a smartphone with larger display size. New iPhone 7 Plus exclusive portrait mode feature has been one of the main driving forces in luring users towards larger screen display iPhone model.

Moreover, third-party developers have already started creating apps with a view to take advantage of this new Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus and are already being downloaded in great numbers. But why should only the iPhone 7 Plus users have all the fun. Those of you who are using a jailbroken iPhone device can start enjoying portrait mode function on their device thanks to a wonderful Camera Mode 10 tweak.

One of the best thing about iPhone jailbreak is that you don’t have to rely on Apple App Store for getting all your apps. With Cydia for iOS jailbreak, you can download amazing tweaks to enjoy feature otherwise not possible on the normal iOS version. This new Camera Mode 10 tweaks, which recently landed on Cydia, digs beneath the vast expanses of the iOS system and makes sure the Apple’s native Portrait Mode – which is limited only to the iPhone 7 Plus – can be used on all iPhone models, provided they are jailbroken with Cydia installed on them.

Camera Mode 10 is the best feature packed Cydia jailbreak tweak which ensures you can access not only the portrait mode but additional features not officially available on non-iPhone 7 Plus models.

We would also like to bring this into your attention that you shouldn’t expect camera results as good as those possible on the native stock camera app on iPhone 7 Plus. This is because iPhone 7 Plus’s extra camera sensor makes use of the latest Apple technology to access portrait mode features to capture results with in-depth effects. This jailbreak tweaks does unlock Portrait Mode in the camera app of non-iPhone 7 Plus devices, don’t expect its results to be on par those of the iPhone 7 Plus because of the lack of second camera sensor on such devices. This tweaks uses software emulator technique to in order to attain image effect that mirror those possible with iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode.

If you’re interested in this tweak, you can download it from Cydia or BigBoss repository for jailbroken iPhone devices. Your iPhone device must be running and jailbroken on iOS 10.1 or later for this tweak to work.

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