How To Enable LED Flash For Alerts On A Silent iPhone

enable LED alerts for iphone notifcations

So you like to keep iPhone on silent most of the time? If so, likelihood of missing important notifications also increases with it. Which brings us to the main topic of this post, which is how to enable LED Flash alerts on iPhone when it is on silent in order to get instantly informed about the arrival of a new message. Silent mode on iPhone disables ringtones, notification alert tones, and other sounds. This makes it difficult to keep track of new messages and notifications unless, of course, if you know how to enable LED Flash for alerts when iPhone is silent.

Apple doesn’t like front-facing LED flash on its iPhone. It wasn’t that long ago when having LED flashlight blinking for new notifications was pretty much in vogue particularly during BlackBerry’s heydays. But Apple prefers doing things its own way. Instead of relying on past trends, the Cupertino tech giant sees itself as a trailblazer. So ditching LED flash alerts for new notifications on iPhone, even when the device is put on silent mode, is considered an acceptable compromise by the firm.

However, iOS, other the other hand, has long supported LED flash for notification alert. When this is enabled, iPhone’s camera flash is used as LED alert. It flashes whenever a new notification is pushed to your device. It’s understood that the camera flash consumes more battery juice than LED light on Android phone. If you are worried about the battery life of your device, then perhaps keeping the LED alerts OFF is the way to go. Starting from iOS 10, it is possible to enable LED alerts. You can enable this option for all notifications or only when your iPhone is on Silent. Here is how to enable LED alerts on iPhone.

First of all, grab your iPhone and head over to the Settings app. In Settings, navigate to General > Accessibility. Then, scroll down to the ‘Hearing’ section and tap ‘LED Flash for Alters’. In previous iOS versions, this settings was just a single switch to enable or disable the LED alerts. It now has its own dedicated settings section.

The LED Flash for iOS Alerts has two switches – LED Flash for Alerts and Flash on Silent. The first ‘LED Flash for Alerts’ switch, when turned ON, flashes LED for all new messages and notifications. It works like on older iOS versions.

If the ‘LED Flash for Alerts’ switch is kept OFF, and you turn ON the ‘Flash on Silent’ switch, you will receive LED alerts only when iPhone is in silent mode.

iphone LED alerts option

enable LED alerts on iPhone

This new option in iOS can be really useful when you put iPhone on silent but at the same time don’t want to miss important notifications, e.g. emergency alerts, office & meeting messages, or any other assignment that matters to you. When ‘Flash on Silent’ is enabled, you can even put your iPhone face down on a tablet and still be able to know when a new notification arrives.

This feature was probably incorporated into the firmware starting from iOS 10.2. So if you are still rocking an older version, it may not available in the Settings app. In that case, update your iPhone to the latest Apple signed iOS version to take advantage of this feature.

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