How To Enable Grayscale Mode on Galaxy S5 [The Easy Way]

samsung-galaxy-s5-grayscale mode to extend battery life

If you want to enable Galaxy S5 grayscale mode but without having to activate ultra power saving mode, then we have just the kind of solution you are looking for. Follow the instructions in this guide to enable grayscale mode without activating ultra power saving mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.

The Grayscale Mode on Galaxy S5 was introduced by Samsung to help save and prolong battery life. This mode applies grayscale them on your home screen. You can turn the Galaxy S5 display into black and white without ultra power saving mode. Keep reading this tutorial to learn how its done.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was without doubt one of the best smartphone when it was first launched several years ago. It quickly become Samsung highest selling phone in the company’s history. It still packs a punch if you are looking for an affordable phone with decent hardware specs. It has stock TouchWiz firmware with all Samsung goodies and exclusive features.

Although the device has a Super HD AMOLED display and a fast processor that take its toll on the battery, but the Galaxy S5 still has one of the best smartphone batteries in the market.

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Decent battery life of the Galaxy S5 is made possible by the customized TouchWiz firmware designed by Samsung for its Galaxy smartphones. Even though the device has a little 2000mAh battery, but it is noticeably better than on the Galaxy devices launched prior to the Galaxy S5.

Among the best new features that Samsung released at the time of the launch of its Galaxy S5 smartphone was the Ultra Power Saving Mode. The mode is an advanced version of normal Power Saving mode. It allows your mobile to last all day with less than 10% battery by activating Grayscale mode with a theme that turns everything white and black on the user interface It disables background data, reduces screen frame rate, and lowers the maximum CPU frequency.

galaxy s5 grayscale mode

However, the best feature of the Grayscale mode is its positive impact on the battery life. This mode lengthens the battery life even when the other options are disabled. You can even enable Grayscale mode without activating Ultra Power Saving Mode on Galaxy S5.

How To Enable Galaxy S5 Grayscale Mode without Activating Ultra Power Saving Mode:

1 – On your Galaxy S5, go to the Power Saving mode option menu: Open the notification drawer and long press the Power Saving icon or go to Settings, scroll down until you see the Power Saving option and tap on it.

2 – Here, you will see a few options such as Block Background Data, Restrict Performance, and Grayscale mode. Tap on the Grayscale mode option.

3 – Now tap on the small button in the top right corner to enable the grayscale mode.

That’s all. This is the easiest way to enable Galaxy S5 Grayscale Mode without activating Ultra Power Saving Mode. Enjoy extended battery life without compromising the device performance.

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