How to Enable Galaxy Note 7 Dual Speaker


Here is the guide to enable dual speaker mod on Galaxy note 7. Although Samsung has put a leash on the sale of Galaxy Note 7 devices after several users reported device explosion concerns, replacement devices will soon be shipped with defective battery issue fixed. But for most users Note 7 is still working like a charm. Here is the new workaround which will allow you to enable dual speakers on Galaxy Note 7. All those who have their Note 7 device fully working can refer to the guide below to get dual speakers feature activated on their devices.

This feature is already available and quite popular among Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users. It looks like Note 7 dual speakers mod has already arrived and you can use it to unleash the full potential of amazing speakers on Note 7. Samsung devices come with both single and dual speaker, by default single speakers are enabled, but there is an option to increase the output sound just like on stereo speakers with Note 7 speakers.

Enable dual speakers on Galaxy Note 7 to enhance your listening pleasure. This trick will turn your earpiece into the secondary speaker blurting out stereo quality sound. Your Galaxy Note 7 must have TWRP or similar other custom recovery installed on it to install this dual speaker mod on Galaxy Note 7. Here is the guide to install TWRP and root Galaxy Note 7 SM-930F/Exynos variants, if you haven’t got the custom recovery installed on your Note 7 yet.

Before jumping to the guide, see what features does this Galaxy Note 7 dual speakers mod has in it for you.

Galaxy Note 7 Dual Speakers Mod Features:

The Note 7 Dual Speakers mod includes:

Dual Speaker Mod Version:

  • Increase in-call volume.
  • Increase Bluetooth in-call volume.
  • Louder earpiece volume.
  • Louder VoLTE in-call volume.
  • Active dual speakers with media playback.
  • Better mic sensibility during speaker call mode.
  • Better mic sensibility on video recording.
  • Better mic sensibility on voice recording.
  • Louder WiFi call-in volume.
  • Enhanced Bluetooth multimedia playback volume.
  • Louder multimedia playback volume.

Before You Start:

  • Download Dual Speaker mod zip file.
  • TWRP custom recovery installed on Galaxy Note 7. See the link provided above for TWRP on Note 7 installation guide.

How To Enable Dual Speakers on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

1 – Download the sound mod zip file from the link above and save it on device’s internal storage or external SD card and remember the location where you are saving the file.

2 – Press and hold Power + Volume Down button together for a few seconds to reboot the device in the Recovery mode.

3 – In the Recovery Mode, go to the TWRP recovery option and backup the device data by selecting the Backup option from the link.

4 – Return to the TWRP recovery main menu on the Recovery mode screen.

5 – Tap the ‘Install’ option from TWRP recovery menu and locate the dual speaker mod zip file from where you saved it on the device in the first step to load the zip file.

6 – Now swipe to install the dual speakers mod file on Note 7.

7 – At the end of the process, reboot the device.

That’s all. When the device restarts, you can start enjoying earth-shattering stereo speaker quality sound on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 dual speakers. Share your experience in the comments section below.

Source: XDA | XDA

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