How to Enable & Disable Handwriting Keyboard in iOS 10 Messages App

how to enable and disable handwriting keyboard on iOS 10 messages app

Here see how to enable or disable handwriting keyboard in iOS 10 Messages app on iPhone and iPad. Apple added a new handwriting typing option in the updated iMessages app, which is available on all iPhone and iPad device running on iOS 10 or later firmware version.

Apple’s new handwriting keyboard on iMessages app for iOS 10 is a wonderful new feature that let’s you send and receive messages in an entirely new font for a digital device. But this handwriting keyboard may not be to everyone’s liking. You can choose when to use this keyboard manually by enabling and disabling this handwriting keyboard manually on the iOS 10 Messages app.

How to Enable / Disable Handwriting Keyboard on iOS 10 Messages App

iOS 10 update brought plenty of interesting new features. iMessages app received some great new options in the iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad. However, some of the newly added features in the Messages app can be unpalatable to some users. Starting from iOS 10, when you turn your smartphone to landscape mode while typing a messages in the iMessages app, a canvas will appear on the side using which you can type a message by pressing finger or stylus on it. Although this may provide an elaborate way of typing messages, but to some it can be a bit too showy. It may not be useful at all times when you type in landscape. Sometime having just a keyboard on the screen when typing in landscape mode is all you desire. Here’s a guide in which we are going to show you how to enable and disable handwriting keyboard on iMessages app in a single swipe gesture.

The handwriting mode is enabled by default on iMessages app in iOS 10 & later versions. To use this feature, all you have to do is to tilt your device in the landscape position to view it at the bottom of the screen. Make sure the orientation lock in the Action Center is disable to move the screen in landscape position. Here are the steps to manually enable or disable handwriting keyboard from landscape position.

1 – Open the Messages app.

2 – Open any messaging thread in the Messages app to bring up the keyboard.

3 – Now, tilt your device to the landscape position to see the handwriting keyboard.


4 – Here, you will see a little keyboard button at the bottom right corner. Simply tap on it.

5 – Next, on the keyboard, you will see the regular keyboard. Now, tilt your device in the portrait and landscape modes to see the regular keyboard.

6 – Now, if you wish to see handwritten keyboard again – Move your messages app in the landscape mode to open up the keyboard, and tap on the handwritten button at the bottom right corner to start using it to type texts.


7 – That’s all.

There is no denying that this new handwriting style messages do have their appeal but on most occasions, it’s not very practical. So, use it only when necessary.

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