How To Enable Call Recording on Note 3, Note 4 and Galaxy S5 Devices

Here’s how to enable call recording on Note 3, Note 4 and Galaxy S5 devices. Call recording features is found on most smartphone these days. Call recording has become one of the basic features of phones, which is used to record incoming and outgoing calls that allows you to keep a record of the conversation. But surprisingly on many high-end devices this features is either surprisingly missing or disabled by default that you need to manually enable. The call recording feature can be present on a low-cost device, on the other hand it may be missing on many expensive devices. Included in the list of high-end devices in which the call recording is not enabled or missing are Samsung Note 3, Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S5. In this guide, we’re going to explain a simple method using which you can enable call recording on S5 / N3 / N4 phones. Make sure you Samsaung Galaxy device is rooted for this method to work.

In many Android mobile firmware versions the call recording feature is available but you have to find it in order to manually enable as it’s hidden by OEMs on their device in some regions. The reason is not hard to understand, many governmental laws and regulation bar call recording due to user privacy concerns. In some countries its illegal to record someone’s call without consent or prior permission. Therefore, in order to avoid getting tangled in legal issues, most OEMs prefer to ship their Android devices with the call recording feature disabled. However, this feature is only hidden/disabled and not completely removed from most Android devices, which makes it possible to enable call recording feature on Android device by tweaking some system files as we are going to show you in the manual below.

Android power users on the other hand should’nt have any problem in understanding steps to activate call recording on Samsung Galaxy S5, N3 and N4 devices. For rookies, beginners, non-experts and new to Android users, we have a simpler method that will enable novice users to enable the call recording feature not only on Galaxy S5 but also on Note 4 and Note 3 (Android Lollipop variant) using an app developed and released by esteemed XDA member dr.ketan.

When you use this app to call, it replaces the add call button with the call recording button. To enable call recording using this app, you need to install the app, launch it and grant the SuperSU permission and reboot the device, after which call recording will be permanently enabled on your N3, N4 and Galaxy S5.

Before starting make sure you’ve root access to your device. After that, see the steps below to activate call recording.

Steps To Enable Call Recording on Note 3/Note 4/Galaxy S5

1 – Download the Native Call Recording app here and install it on your device.

2 – Open the Native Call recording app from the app drawer. App has a simple interface, on the main app screen there are two option ‘Enable Manual Record’ and ‘Disable Manual Record’.


3 – Long press on the ‘Enable Manual Record’ button to activate call recording feature on your Android device. You can disable the feature by long pressing the disable button when finished call recording.

4 – Allow SuperSU permission when asked.

5 – Reboot the device when prompted.

6 – After reboot, you will see a call recording button whenever making a call.


7 – That’s all.

You can now recording calls from your main call app on Note 3, Note 4, Galaxy S5 device. You can later uninstall the app. If you’re still facing the issue, let us know in the comments section below.


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