How To Enable and Use Pokemon GO Buddy System – [Guide]


By now you all must have been well acquainted and aware of Niantic’s Pokemon GO augmented reality game for Android and iOS mobile platforms. Augmented reality is a futuristic technology that enables your virtual avatar in the game to search Pokemon around your location, now instead of wasting time you can directly find exact Pokemon location as well. Niantic regularly improves the Pokemon GO experience for players by issuing regular updates and the latest updates has brought a new Pokemon GO buddy system that helps you to set a Poke buddy in order to earn candies while walking around in search of nearby Pokemon. In this post, i am going to share some helpful tips that will assist you to enable Pokemon GO Buddy system with some tips on how to use Pokemon GO Buddy to collect candies with maximum success.

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This guide is will help you to easily find those Pokemon that spawn rarely and have maximum CP, XP and HP, meaning they are difficult to catch without some assistance. Even if you manage to catch rare Pokemon, it takes time and effort to successfully evolve them. However, after following this guide you will be able to gain more control over catching and evolving rare Pokemon, collecting more candies in the same way eggs are hatched i.e. as you walk to accrue miles to your record, after reaching a certain limit, you find Poke buddy start to find and collect candies.

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How To Enable New Poke Buddy in Pokemon GO

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to setup a new Poke Buddy in Pokemon GO.

First of all open your profile page in Pokemon GO game to start Poke Buddy setup process. Tap on the three lines in bottom-right corner, the same icon that you use to access journal or customize your avatar.


Now tap on the new Buddy option.


Tap on the Buddy button to open a list of available Pokemon and select any Pokemon as buddy from Poke inventory.


Pick your Buddy from the list and confirm your select.


From now onward, the buddy symbol will pop up at the top of the Pokemon Stat screen every time you are walking with your Poke Buddy. From the Buddy symbol you can monitor the progress of your Pokemon Buddy with a single tap on the icon.


To check on the progress that you have made, open your profile and tap on your avatar. You can also change Poke Buddy to another Pokemon by tapping the swap arrow icon located in the lower-right corner.


Please note that changing Poke buddy will erase any progress that you made with the current buddy. Therefore, we suggest that the best time to change Poke buddy is right after you earn your latest candy to avoid losing any progress with the current buddy after swapping.


From hereon, a notification will popup when you earn a candy.


Here is a funny bit, Poke Buddy will walk with you until it collects 10 candies, after that it jumps to your shoulder to rest out of fatigue or as a sign of growing familiarity between your avatar and your poke buddy. Also, note that Pickahu is the only Poke buddy who moves to your shoulder, to check a complete list of poke buddy positions and how they walk with you see this link about poke positions of your buddy Pokemon.


How To Earn Candy with Poke Buddy in Pokemon GO

Now that you have setup and enabled your poke buddy, its time to learn how to best use your buddy to earn maximum number of candies and see how far you have to walk before Poke buddy starts collecting.

To gauge the distance you have to walk with your Poke buddy depends on what kind of egg your buddy hatches. Pokemon hatched from 2km eggs require 1km of walking to earn a candy. Pokemon hatched from 5km eggs require 3km walking, those hatched from 10km eggs require 5km walk to earn a candy. As a guide, see the following list to get a better idea:

  • Pikachu (hatches 2km egg) – Earns candy after 1km walk
  • Charmandar (hatches 5km egg) – Candy after 3km
  • Jynx (hatches 10km egg) – Candy after 5km

To know about candy and walk distance requirements of other Pokemon types, click on the ‘Buddies’ button. As collecting candies works like hatching eggs Pokemon GO, it means it takes some time to update.

Helpful Tip: If you walk beyond the required distance before your progress is updated in the game, you’ll earn extra credit for the next piece of candy, that allows you to quickly collect the next candy. Here’s how it works in the game, when you walk 1.5km instead of 1km required to collect that candy, the extra 0.5km will be added to the required distance for collecting the next candy which means you will be able to collect the next one in by walking less.

Pokemon GO buddy system is really a genius idea by Niantic to revamped the Pokemon GO gameplay with an interesting new twist. In order to activate Poke Buddy, you need catch and have at least one Pokemon in your inventory. With Poke Buddy you won’t complain about lack of Pokemon in your area.

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