How to Easily Get a SIX in Ludo STAR – Tips & Tricks

how to hit a six in ludo star

Ludo STAR is the new online sensation that has Android and iOS users in its grip ever since the launch. There are plenty of Ludo games on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but its Ludo STAR that’s been able to bring the concept of Ludo that accurately resembles the actual board game. We have already shared guides on how to get Ludo STAR on PC & MAC and Ludo Star Hacked APK, today we are going to share with the Ludo Star enthusiasts a really useful tip about how to get a six in Ludo STAR to easily win online matches with friends and other players from around the world.

The trick that we are going to share in this post is really special because it is related to the toughest challenge in the Ludo Star which many players are finding hard to master. And that tips is about getting a six whenever you want in Ludo STAR.

Today, we are going to share with the fans of the game a new Ludo STAR Trick that will allow you to get a Six every time you play the famous online board game. Well, trick is not that hard to master, all you have to do is to play around with the clock a bit. So, here is how it works: just as the clock hits 12:15 right there and then throw in the dice and you will get a SIX or probably even a higher number.

This tips has been made possible by a YouTuber Angry Tips, who figured out a way to hit a SIX in Ludo Star at any stage in the game. We thank him for showing this amazing trick in a YouTube video which is shared below.

Enjoy this cool Ludo STAR 2017 tricks and don’t forget to share it with friends as well.

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