How To Easily Find And Remove Duplicate Files On Windows

best apps to remove duplicate files on pc

Duplicate files can accumulate quietly on your Windows device consuming previous hard disk space which would otherwise have been useful for important tasks on PC. Here we are going to share some of the best tools available that will help you to find and remove duplicate files on Windows Desktop PC or Laptop.

SSD drives are prone to get filled up quickly. This is one of the inherent limitations of the SSD drive that tech firm have grappled with over the years and failed to overcome effectively. These duplicate files not only waste precious space on your device, they also make backup size bigger without being of any use. Here’s how you can free up disk space on Windows PC or laptop.

Best Apps For Finding And Deleting Duplicating Files On Windows

You will find plenty of apps that claim to prevent duplicate files from accumulating on your device’s hard drive. Finding the right one for your needs is hard unless you are willing to spend considerable time searching the desired app on the internet as well as willing to shed some bucks on such apps.

In order to make things easier for you in this regard, we downloaded and tested apps and come up with a list of apps that you think perform the best when it comes to finding and removing duplicate files on Windows device to save disk space. So let’s get started.

The apps below will help you to quickly clean up duplicate junk files that take up hard disk space without your notice.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4

Best tool that we would recommend to you if you are out looking for a tool to clean up duplicate files easily is the Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4. It comes for a price, but it’s well worth the money as it offers chock full of features and easy to use interface options. To give Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4 a try, download a free trail here.

Digital Volcano Duplicate Cleaner Free

Digital Volcano’s Duplicate Cleaner is another effective tool for removing duplicate files from your Windows PC. You can choose to download either the full fledged paid version that automatically detects and removes duplicate files to prevent them from cutting into your device’s disk space, or you can opt to go with the free version that offers free duplicate file scanning facility which once identified can be deleted manually, free version doesn’t automatically deleted duplicate files for that you need to upgrade to the paid version.

The interface of the software is pretty nifty and presents all important duplicate file deletion features. You can choose to scan PC, or connect an external drive and scan it to remove duplicate files. With the Pro version, you can scan images and music files that will automatically remove duplicate files to free up space, but the free version offers pretty basic service.

Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate File Finder features basic yet effective components. It’s an open source application with no strings attached. Get it for free to remove duplicate files on Windows devices. It has no frills attacked. Duplicate File Finder is easy to use, it searches for files having the exact same size and only compares them to see if they’re duplicate of each other or not.

This app seems to employ a unique way of identifying duplicate files on Windows devices, and may not contain many of the features you will find on most quality paid apps for similar task, but it does the essential task of removing duplicate files. Duplicate File Finder’s method of scanning also makes it a suitable option to scan through a large set data files. If you are only concerned with scanning and removing completely identical files and not just the exact same file types, then this tool will save you lots of time on scanning. Moreover, don’t expect a special interface for a free tool.


dupeDuru is a genius program that is designed to identify and remove duplicate files on Windows PC without slowing down the device in the process. It has fast scanning ability and fast is a light program. It comes in several version, you can download dupeGuru, dupeGuru Music Edition, and dupeGuru Pictures Edition. Each version of this program is designed for a specific task. For example, The Pictures Edition locates copies of the same photo even if they have been resized, rotated, or slightly edited. Similarly, the Picture edition find same song files even if they are in different MP3 files encoded at different bitrates.

dupeGuru also works in finding files that are not completely identical and hidden deep inside the system files or any other location on your PC. However, dupeGuru says that the program no longer supports Windows OS, but the older version seems to be working just fine on Windows devices.

dupeGuru is an open source application. Installer doesn’t bring any attacked toobars or installer during the setup process. Moreover, it’s completely ads free. To use dupeGuru, simply open the app on PC, add files and folders you want to scan and hit the scan button. When the scan finished, you will see a list of all duplicate files on the app’s interface. Delete duplicate files one by one or together using the bulk action button.

Wrap Up

Of course, this isn’t a complete list, you can find millions of other similar apps on the web. We assembled a list of those apps that we though do a good job of finding and deleting duplicate files on PC. We strongly recommend to avoid deleting duplicate files in system folders, such as Program Files and other C:\ folders, as some system files require duplicate copies to work properly. Use the apps above to clean data files such as images, videos, documents, music files and videos.

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