How To Download Complete SoundCloud Playlists To Play Tracks Offline

how to download soundcloud complete playlists

SoundCloud is the best app where you will find not the the audio files of your favorite tracks but also plenty of remixes for each songs sung by known and upcoming artists in their own unique style. If you are looking for different versions and remixes of your favorite tracks, without wasting any time head straight to the amazing SoundCloud app. More often than not you will find various mixes and versions of your favorite songs on SoundCloud. SoundCloud is more than just a music listening app, you can record and upload your own tracks for free for millions around the world to listen. SoundCloud is used by big record labels to search for upcoming special talented singers, if you’re gifted with a good voice and have uploaded songs in your own voice, then who known you might get the attention of some record labels or producers. Moreover, SoundCloud allows you to create your own playlists, add songs to your playlists or import tracks from other playlists shared by other SoundCloud users. Upload music and share it with friends, follow and get followed.

SoundCloud allows users to stream songs online but downloading & saving them for offline listening is not possible officially on SoundCloud Android or SoundCloud for iOS apps for now. Other restrictions include the limit on streaming tracks in your playlists, also, saving stream of the entire playlist to play online tracks offline is not possible on free SoundCloud app. In such cases, downloading playlists and streams and saving them onto your device enables to listen to your favorite tracks offline. However, despite looking for downloading playlists option throughout the SoundCloud app i couldn’t find the option anywhere. Maybe the feature is not officially available other wise it would’ve been there in the app.

However, after much searching over on the internet, i finally managed to find an app that gets the job done. Here, i am going to show you how to use this great little tool to download SoundCloud playlists. With this helpful app namely SoundCloud Playlist Sync you can download not only your own created and shared playlists but also playlists shared by other SoundCloud users for listening to your favorite tracks offline when the device is not connected to the internet. Below is a guide on how to use SoundCloud Playlists Sync app on your device to download playlists quickly, easily and completely free. The app’s interface is easy to understand and attractive. Follow the steps in the tutorial to download playlists from SoundCloud.

How To Download SoundCloud Playlists:

1 – Download SoundCloud Playlist Sync app from the link below.

2 – Extract the SoundCloud Playlist file on PC.

3 – From the extracted files, locate the SoundCloud Playlists Downloader.exe file and run it.

4 – Install the SoundCloud Playlist Downloader by following the on-screen instructions as prompted.

5 – When the installation is over, open SoundClound Playlist Sync file, if it doesn’t open automatically after the installation, click on the SoundCloud Playlist Downloader.exe file to open it.

6 – This will open SoundCloud Playlist Sync app.

7 – Copy the desired Playlist’s URL that you want to download from the SoundClound’s website.

8 – Paste the copied URL of the desired playlist in the URL box of the ‘SoundCloud Playlist Sync’ app.

9 – Below the URL box is the Local Directory box, here, select the location where you wish to download and save the downloaded SoundCloud playlist.

10 – In the end, hit the Sync button to start the download process.

11 – If any error appears during downloading, simple ignore and click Sync button again to resume.

12 – If everything remains fine, your SoundCloud Playlist will be downloaded one track at a time until all tracks are downloaded and saved on your device, which you can then play and listen offline by heading over to the location where you saved the downloaded playlists on your device.

13 – That’s all.

Download SoundCloud Playlist Sync > > Link

ONE MORE THING… In case of a long playlist, click on the ‘search’ box in the folder where the playlist is placed and type *.mp3 and then press Ctrl C (to copy) and Ctrl V (to paste) it in a new folder. This is a quick way of deleting all subfolders to arrange playlists properly for quickly accessing songs.

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