How To Download And Install Games On Android Devices Manually

how to install android games and apps manually

Here’s how to download and install Android games manually on mobile or tablet to make it properly work on your device. Android, being an open-end platform, allows users to install apps and games on Android devices using two different ways: the OTA install method that enables users to download apps/games directly from the Google Play Store like any other app, and the manual APK installation method which we are going to focus below in the guide along with the help for common issues related manually installing games and apps on Android devices. Many Android users often complain that the APK file didn’t work on their device, mostly its because they didn’t follow the proper procedure for downloading and installing APK of games and apps on Android device.

How To Manually Download And Install Apps On Android Devices:

1 – Open any web browser app on your mobile device.

2 – Download APK file for the app you wish to manually install on your Android device. There are many sites on the internet that offer Android APK for apps and games. On most APK download pages, all it requires is to tap the download button.

Note: Some Android apps and games require downloading both .apk and .zip cache file. In this case, download APK and Cache data files directly on your device, or copy them from PC via USB cable if you have downloaded them on computer.

3 – If you are using PC to download your Android device, visit the APK app download page using a web browser on computer.

4 – Move downloaded APK, data cache, or both files to your Android device’s internal memory or external microSD card, depending on the free space.

4 – Next, head over to your device’s Settings app, and navigate to Settings > Security and make sure Unknown Sources options is enabled/checked.

5 – Once APK is finished downloading and saved, open any file manager app on your Android device. Go to the ‘download’ folder in the file manager app to locate the APK, or APK & cache files and tap on the .apk file to begin the installation process.

6 – If the app/game requires only the .apk file for installation, it’s done, you can open it from device’s app drawer. However, if the app’s .apk file requires cache data files to be installed as well, you need to perform additional steps, keep on reading for it.

7 – Extract the app/game cache to the folder: tap on the app cache archive. Next, select the game cache folder, and tap ‘Extract’ button. Follow on-screen setup steps as prompted to extract the cache files to ‘sdcard/Android/obb/’ folder.

8 – Once the cache is installed, you can access the newly installed apps/game from the device’s app drawer.

9 – That’s all.

However, if you are still facing issues while manually installing Android apps or games, see the tips below if they can help address the issue on your device.

Fix ‘There was a problem parsing problem’ Error When During Modded App/Game Installation.

This issues could be because the game or app .apk/mod apk file which you downloaded might be corrupted. Try downloading the file again from the same or a different source online. If the problem remains, we suggest that you use Firefox browser for downloading .apk file from online source, as its more stable for such purposes.

Fix ‘Invalid License’ Error.

Here’s what you need to do in order to fix this issue: Uninstall modded apk from your device, visit official Google Play Store page of that app/game, tap ‘install’ button, and quickly cancel the installation to get the license of that particular app or game on your device. Now you can download and install APK or Mod Apk using again using the steps in the guide above, which, hopefully, will work this time.


Fix ‘Download failed because you not have purchases this app’ Error.

To fix this issue, download the app/game directly from the Google Play Store. Uninstall it, and then try installing the modded apk of that app and game.

Fix ‘Application not installed’ Error.

This error could be the result if you attempt to install apk or modded apk file on your device without first deleting the previous version from your device. Always, especially in case of installing modded apps/games, delete the already installed mod apk or apk of that particular app/game from your device. If the problem persists, reboot your device after uninstalling the previously installed apk or modded apk.

Wrap Up

I would like to bring this to your attention that the APK/Mod Apk of some Android apps and games work on specific GPU type. Common GPU types on all Android devices include Adreno, Mali, Tegra, PowerVR. Graphically intensive games require these additional graphical processor to run on Android devices. So, make sure the APK or Mod that you are downloaded doesn’t requires a certain CPU to be installed on your device, or installed the one compatible with the GPU on your device. You can find out detailed information regarding your device’s hardware from this CPU-Z app from Google Play Store.

Some games or apps require Facebook login to start. If you are using the modded apk version of any such app or game, perform the following steps: uninstall and deactivate Facebook app, open the modded game and tap Facebook login button, enter Facebook account details and that’s it. You can now reinstall the original Facebook app on your Android device.

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