How To Disable ‘Tap To Wake’ on iPhone X


If you are finding the new display ‘Tap To Wake’ on iPhone X annoying, follow the tips in this post to easily disable this feature. Follow a simple method explained below to turn off ‘Tap to Wake’ feature on your iPhone X and save battery in the meantime.

You Can Get More Battery Time By Disabling ‘Tap To Wake’ Feature on iPhone X

The iPhone X (Amazon) is selling like a hot cake. It is already setting new sales record for Apple and we haven’t even entered the second week of its worldwide release. Along with many new interesting additions, a new simple tap to bring the display to life feature has also made its way in this year’s flagship phone from the Cupertino giant. But there is this nagging issue that’s been bothering many of its users. It is related to accidentally triggering the display. And when the display is on without user’s notice, it also means battery life can also drain quickly with it. So to avoid such a scenario, it is better to keep the ‘Tap to Wake’ feature completely off. Here’s how you can do it.

Turn Off ‘Tap To Wake’ Feature on iPhone X

Before starting, note that this method is not workable with any other iPhone (or iPad) since the Tap to Wake feature is exclusive only to the iPhone X.

1 – Grab your iPhone X and open the Settings app.

2 – Head over to General > Accessibility.

3 – Scroll down until you see the Tap to Wake toggle switch. Turn the toggle to OFF position, if it is enabled.

disable tap to wake on iphone x to save battery

4 – That’s it.

Now lock your device and try tapping on it, you will notice that it remains unresponsive to touch. Simply press the side button to wake up your device, or you can choose to use the Raise to Wake to lit up the display whenever you like. It is up to you.

There is no denying that the feature does indeed offer convenience. Pressing the side button (or Home, on older device) feels old fashioned now. It is highly likely that Apple will soon bring this feature to other iOS devices, including the iPad, in the near future.

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