How To Disable Power Button Camera Shortcut On Android Phone

disbale power button camera shortcut on android device

Here’s how to disable power button shortcut for launching camera app on Android devices. It can get really irritating at times when you accidentally press the home button twice and it launches the camera app on Android mobile. You can easily get rid of this annoying little hassle by disabling camera shortcut on Android phones.

If you keep pressing the home button twice unintentionally, which launches the camera app on Android phone, you can now disable it to avoid accidentally hitting the camera shortcut. Android devices, in face most smartphones these days, come with a camera app shortcut to allow users to quickly jump into the camera app without having to unlock their device and open the camera app. But this feature can also turn into a headache of sorts for some users, especially if they are prone to accidentally hitting the camera shortcut on Android phone.

Google started the double tapping the power button to open camera app for the first time in Android Marshmallow and carried forward the same feature in its latest Android Nougat mobile firmware.

As soon as you double press the power button the device vibrates showing that the camera app is ready to use. Although, this quick camera app launching feature comes in useful on several occasions, on the other hand it also gets rankling when it open the camera app after unintentional double tap on the power button.

If you are one of the many Android users who keep on hitting power button in a way that it launches the camera app on your device even though you don’t need it, keep on reading as we are going to show you how to disable this quick power button shortcut to launch camera on any Android phone running on Android Marshmallow or Nougat firmware.

How To Disable Power Button Camera Shortcut On Android Device

Google, thankfully, offers a way to disable power button for camera shortcut on Android devices. In the steps below, you are going to learn a quick, easy way of disabling camera shortcut on Android using the official Google solution method.

1 – Open Settings app.

2 – Tap on Display option.

3 – Disable the Press power button twice for camera option by turning the toggle to the off position.

disbale power button camera shortcut on android

4 – That’s all.

It’s as simple as that to disable camera shortcut on Android device. After completing the steps above, the camera app will not launch even when you double tap your Android device’s power button. After disabling the option from the Settings app, you can choose to either manually launch the camera app as you normally do, or place an app shortcut on the lock screen to quickly open the app.

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