How To Delete Snapchat Account – [The Best Way]


See how to delete Snapchat account using the best method that ensures your personal doesn’t fall into wrong hands after account deletion by removing all traces of your Snapchat content from the web.

If you’re done with Snapchat, have had enough of the fun in the photo and short video clip sharing social networking site and want to get rid of it for good, you can refer to the instructions in this guide to permanently delete Snapchat account the right way after which all traces of your profile and account will be removed even from the Snapchat servers.

Online security and surveillance is the main concern of digital content users these days. Hackers these days are devising new ways of getting access to social media accounts for gaining access to personal user information. Merely terminating social media account is not enough, to remove content from servers and internet you need to remove all content associated with your social media account if you ever decide to permanently get rid of Snapchat account.

How To Delete Snapchat Account – Best Method

If the Snapchat app has lost its allure for you prompting you to contemplate deleting your account, you can see in the guide below the right way of deleting Snapchat account so that no one can access your shared content from anywhere on the internet after the account termination. But do note that you cannot delete your Snapchat account from within the Snapchat mobile app. For deleting Snapchat account, you need to do it from outside the Snapchat mobile app.

For those who don’t want to receive time-strained videos and photos after Snapchat account deletion, you need to permanently delete Snapchat account. See the steps below for that:

Step 1 – As we mentioned earlier, you cannot delete Snapchat account from mobile app. You need to have web access to be able to delete Snapchat account permanently. To do so, you need to visit your Snapchat account from Snapchat on a web browser. Go to the


Step 2 – Enter your Snapchat login details.

Step 3 – Once logged in, see a Manage My Account list of options. There you will see a DELETE MY ACCOUNT near the end of that list. Select this option.

Step 4 – Click on the CONTINUE button and choose the Snapchat account details that you wish to delete.

Step 5 – After entering accurate account details, you’ll see an Account Deactivated screen which means that your Snapchat account has been deactivated.

Step 6 – Note that your deactivated remains available for reactivation for up to 30 days after the deactivation before it gets permanently deleted from everywhere. This 30 day period is a standard practice among social networking sites when it comes to account deletion to allows users who change their minds to reactivate their account. To reactivate Snapchat account, simply login as normal and all your profile content and information will be available as before.

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