How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently – [The Best Way]


See how you can delete Facebook account permanently using the best method to ensure that your personal information and private photos don’t fall into wrong hands after removing your account from the social networking site.

Facebook, despite its enormous popularity and appeal, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some may not find Facebook’s features to their liking. Privacy and security reasons may also compel some to abandoning their Facebook account in order to preserve their personal information and items shared from their account. Your account information could be compromised, or some unauthorized person gets your username and password to login on your account. Or you decided that your Facebook addiction is disrupting normal life therefore getting rid of your Facebook account is the choice to go with. In all such situations, knowing how to permanently delete Facebook account comes in handy.

One important thing that you every Facebook user should know is mere deactivating your Facebook account is not enough. Your personal information, account data including photos, posts, comments and likes are still saved on Facebook servers for an indefinite period of time such as a day, week, month or year. Deactivating and deleting Facebook account are two different things, you should be aware of the distinction between the two. Deactivation just makes your account invisible to others while keeping all your data saved on servers, while deleting removes all the footprints of every spec of activity that you ever undertook on Facebook.

Also note that Facebook holds the right to keep certain aspects of your account data saved in highly secured servers for research purposes, this applies to most early Facebook users. Some early memories such as posts, comments, pictures, videos and more that you may not even remember uploading can be requested by users before deleting the account, Facebook will deliver you a copy of your account data. To request your data copy, head over to then go to ‘General’, and click ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’ option.

You’ll now see a page where you can click on ‘Start My Archive’ green colored button to download your Facebook photos, videos, chats, comments, posts, your profile information onto your PC.


When you’re done downloading a copy of your Facebook account data, you can now proceed to delete your account permanently, and get on with the real life to meet real people instead of virtual friends.

Steps To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

In order to permanently delete Facebook account, you’ll need to use the Facebook web version on PC, it can’t be done on mobile version.

1 – Log into your Facebook account; the one you’re going to delete permanently.

2 – Navigate to which will bring you to the account deletion page. Facebook will try one last time to make you change your mind by warning your about the consequences of permanently deleting your account such as you won’t be able to retrieve data and bla bla.

3 – If you have made up your mind, then click on the Delete My Account button.

4 – You’ll now see another dialogue window asking you to confirm your selection by entering the correct text in the box. Enter the text shown on the box, then your account password and hit OK button.

5 – Facebook will now show another dialogue box showing that the account has been scheduled for deletion. Facebook doesn’t delete account immediately, it retains them on their server for up to 14 days before permanently wiping them out from the social network.

6 – You’ll also receive a confirmation email from Facebook with a link in case you change your mind and want to recover your Facebook account within 14 days.

7 – Just ignore any warning and never click on the email link if you want your account to be permanently deleted. Also don’t log into your Facebook account during the 14 days warning period because it will void the deletion request and reactivate your account.

8 – That’s all.

After 14 days, your Facebook account with all its data will be gone forever, even from Facebook servers. Like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or add us on Google+ for Apple, Android, Windows tech updates, information, solutions and help.

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