How To Delete and Restore Stock Apps in iOS 10


Finally iOS users will be able to delete stock apps in the latest iOS 10 mobile operating system by Apple. Here’s how to delete/restore iOS stock apps. However, there is another side to the story which Apple has so far kept hidden from users i.e. although you can delete stock apps in iOS 10 such as Notes, Podcast, Wallet, News, Notes, Reminders etc. but removing those stock apps will not give you free storage space in return, which is quite baffling. They just hide in the background so that you the interface looks cleaner and allows you to set it the way you like. New and old users to the iOS 10 can see instructions in this guide on how to delete stock apps in iOS 10 as well as the method to restore stock iOS 10 apps if and when needed.

Those who are still waiting for iOS 10 update to arrive in their region or resisting updating due to iOS 10 OTA issues can see update their devices to iOS 10 via direct download links as well. Those who bricked their devices during OTA iOS 10 update can see the guide for fixing bricked iPhone/iPad after iOS 10 update.

iOS 10 comes packed with many new interesting features like the new lock screen, great new iMessages app, pressing home button to unlock the device rather than swiping right. The iOS 10 Messages app has been one of the best features of the new Apple mobile operating system. Notification are better than before. 3D touch support has been extended to the third-party apps. iOS 10 comes with better keyboard and intelligent Siri.

In iOS 10 You can Delete and Restore Stock Apps

New iOS 10 changes seem great but there is one aspect that many iOS users wanted more than another was to remove built-in pre-installed stock apps on iOS 10. You did not have this option of deleting stock apps in previous iOS 10 versions.

Here is the list of iOS 10 Stock Apps that can be deleted as well as restored back if you need them back:










iCloud Drive

Watch app


iTunes Store




Find My Friends


Voice Memos





Here’s How to Delete/Restore iOS 10 Stock Apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

It is simple to delete stock apps on iOS 10. You can now delete stock apps in the same manner you delete any other iOS app that you download from the App Store.

1 – Locate the app which you want deleted from your device.

2 – Tap and hold on the app’s icon until you edit mode is enabled.

3 – When a little ‘x’ sign pops up on the top-right corner of the app, you can delete it. If you don’t see an ‘x’ icon, try tapping on the app again.


4 – When you press shaking ‘x’ icon over the app icon, a small window will appear asking if you want to delete the app. Confirm your selection by tapping on the ‘Remove’ button on the box.

That’s it. App is now deleted. You won’t see that app on the iOS device’s home screen.

Restore iOS 10 Stock Apps

If after deleting stock apps, you changed your mind and  want it back on your device, simply go to the App Store, search for the app you deleted and restore it by downloading it again on your device like any other app from the App Store.

Wrap Up

Unlike third-party apps, when you delete stock apps it doesn’t go into the trash and out of the memory because some of the stock apps are closely integrated into the iOS 10 functionality without which the OS start acting up. Maybe in future iOS 10 updates, Apple might allow users to completely delete stock apps even from the device memory to free up space. But for now its now likely to happen anytime soon.

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