How To Connect Uber To Calendar App On iPhone

connect uber to calendar app on ios

In this post, i am going to share a quick tip to help you link Uber to Calendar app on iPhone to make booking rides faster and easier to remember. You can use shortcuts feature in the iOS Calendar app to connect Uber app to Calendar on your iPhone running on iOS 10 or later.

Uber has announced that its starting a new Calendar shortcut feature to help iOS device users never miss out on important commitments. This new Uber feature will link Uber app with the iOS Calendar app via a shortcut so that users can streamline bookings, reminders, schedules, future events, and other routine and special occasions and reach places on time with timely reminders.

If you have a schedule packed with social gatherings, work meetings, personal commitments, and other routine tasks, Uber wants to make it easier for you to get to different places on time with Uber’s support for calendar app in iOS. Uber will remind you of your commitments and ask you whether you need a ride both well in advance as well as on short notice.

Here are the steps to connect your Uber app to the calendar app on iPhone:

1 – Launch the Uber app on your iPhone.

2 – If you don’t Uber app installed, you can download it from the Apple App Store. Create a Uber account and login to Uber app with your username and password.

3 – Now, inside the Uber app, open Settings by tapping on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the app interface. Simply select Settings from the menu.

line uber app to calendar on iphone

4 – Next, under Settings, select the Calendar Events option. There is another way to get this option activated, open the original Calendar app, tap on Get Started link on the Calendar Shortcuts cards.

5 – Once the Calendar Events option is open, simply follow on-screen instructions as prompted to complete the process of linking Uber app to the default Calendar app on your iPhone.

connect uber to devcie's calendar app

6 – From now on, whenever you open the Uber app, you will see a new calendar icon at the bottom of the app interface showing the next reservation/event in the calendar. Tap on the icon to see details about that event, and book a ride to the location of the schedule event directly from the Uber app.

7 – That’s all.

It super easy and quick to link Uber services with the Calendar events on your device to never again forget or miss out on booking a ride for events that require transport to reach the destination. Just make sure that you have an address entered for any event for which you have booked or want to book a Uber ride, to help Uber drivers get to the address on time. Android users will have to wait a while for this feature, for now, iOS users can go ahead and arrange their scheduled events with Uber.

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