How To Close All Background Apps On iOS 10 Devices Altogether

kill all running apps on ios 10 or later altogether

Here’s how you can Close All Running Apps in the Background on iOS 10 altogether provided your device is jailbroken and running on iOS 10 or later version. If you have got too many apps running in the background, then see the instructions on how to close all background apps on iOS 10 running iPhone or iPad using a useful jailbreak tweak.

Here’s How To Force Close All Running Background Apps Together On iOS 10 Jailbroken iPhone or iPad Using A Jailbreak Tweak

Running too many apps on your iOS device and then having to close all of them one by one is a bugbear that every iOS users wish to avoid. It’s a well known fact that running too many apps in the background can cause device battery to quickly drain. That’s why most users of iOS devices quickly double-tap on the home button to bring up the app switcher for closing apps once they are done using it in order to get some extra minutes of battery juice. However, recent test results have shown that running extra apps in the background doesn’t have an adverse effect on the battery life as is widely believed. Running several apps in the background won’t make much of a difference as to the number of hours you can squeeze out of the device’s battery. But if you find having too many apps running in the background bothersome and are looking for a way to quickly close all running apps in the background in a single gesture, then your best bet is the KillBackground10 jailbreak tweak.

For this tweak to work, your device must be jailbroken on iOS 10 or later version. You can download this KillBackground10 jailbreak tweak on iPhone or iPad. Once installed, simple run the tweak on your device, which will then show the iOS app switcher. Simple, tap on the new button located at the bottom right corner of the app’s interface. As soon as you hit the button, it will close all open apps in the background in a go. Don’t expect significant improvement in the battery performance after closing all running apps. But this action does help saving time and extra effort required to close too many running apps.

Beside the feature of closing all running apps in one go, users get addition options to perform more tricks. You can make Kill switch button in the app switch to appear big or small. Moreover, if you have a music or video app running, you can specify whether to keep running soundtrack when closing all open apps in the background using customization features in the KillBackground10 jailbreak tweak.

As the tweak comes with extremely useful features, it charges a little price for purchase. So, if you have iOS 10 or later running jailbroken device, you can download KillBackground10 tweak from the BigBood repo in Cydia. Simply open Cydia, use search box to find the tweak and tap to install on your device. To check out more great Jailbreak tweak, check out our post on Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks. Do share you experience with the tweak in the comments section below.

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