How to Clear Storage Space on Android Phone


With number of apps and multimedia content available for smartphones, it is no surprise that storage space quickly gets filled up on mobile. This is one annoying problem that grapples every mobile user. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can fix mobile storage problem quickly without having to go through the tiresome process of deleting apps or media files from mobile device. Here we have brought some easy ways for you to clear Storage Space on Android Phone, tablets users can also follow tips below to clear Android device storage space without needing to delete important stuff from your device.

Almost all Android device allow you to expand memory storage by adding external SD card. You can delete apps and files that are no longer in use to empty up some space on Android phone or tablet. But despite following these tricks, you still get that ‘Low Storage Space’ message then perhaps its time to sort out the issue permanently by following tips below.


Why You Should Clear Storage Space:

Having enough storage space on your device has many benefits:

  • You don’t have to worry about not having enough device storage for files and data.
  • You will always have plenty of space for saving as many HD photos or movie clips as you like.
  • Your device runs faster, without lags or clutters and executes operations without crashing the OS.

How to Clear Android Device Storage Space:

See fixes below to clear up storage space from Android device.

1 – Check Download Folder

First, check your Android device’s download folder to see if any redundant file or app is lying there unused. Go to the Settings app and clear unnecessary data from download folder.

Google Play has many music, podcast and media apps you you might have used in the past, sometimes they download stuff on your device automatically. So, head to the Settings app and check Downloads to see how much storage is being consumed by multimedia content. Delete all apps, songs, media files, podcasts that you no longer use.

2 – Delete Google Maps Offline Areas

Google Maps allow you to download area maps that you might need later and can view offline when there is no internet connection is available. Google Maps saved on your device can take up considerable space on Android devices. So, go to Maps app and delete offline area maps that you don’t need anymore.


3 – Clear App Cache

This trick would erase all idle data from Android device. Go to Settings > Storage > Cached and clear data that could be taking lots of data on your device.

4 – Delete Photos and Files

Back up photos and apps and then delete the ones that you can afford to delete from the device to clear space. Save photos and apps on PC or external storage device and delete the ones you won’t be using in future.

5 – Uninstall Apps

When you have exhausted all other options and still can’t have enough space on the device for new stuff then its time to see which apps you no longer use and there on the device just eating up precious storage space. Delete apps and games from Settings apps along with cache and backup that you don’t use.

Follow above methods regularly on your Android phone to never run out of storage space again.

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