How To Clear Cookies & Cache On Chrome Browser

how to clear cache and cookies in chrome browser

Sometimes cookies and cache pile up on Google Chrome without user’s notice and it can prevent websites from loading properly and slows down the web browser. If you are having issues with the Chrome browser in opening web pages correctly or if you are unable to sign in to your Google accounts to access services, then see how to clear the browsing data on your Google Chrome web browser to get rid of unnecessary cookies and cache that clog up on the browser. See step-by-step instructions below to learn how to clear cache and cookies on Chrome to get it back webpage loading back to working along with improved browsing speed.

Google Chrome, any other web browser for that matter, caches web files, images, and saves cookies. Cookies are files that contain specific information about specific sites from every website you visit to speed up the loading time and give better browsing experience when you wish to revisit that particular website.

However, in some cases, these accumulated cookies and cache files can get too many to handle for the Chrome browser. Thus, ending up causing the browser to suddenly crash, fail to load webpages, or running slower than usual. If you are facing these issues on your Chrome browser, then follow the steps below to learn how to clear cache and cookies on Chrome to resolve the issue.

How To Clear Cache And Cookies On Chrome

1 – Open Chrome browser on your device.

2 – Click the Settings (three-dotted) icon located on the top-right corner of the browser screen.

3 – In Settings, select More tools followed by Clear browsing data option.

4 – Now, in Clear Browsing Data, select the option from where you wish to clear the browsing data, it’s recommended that you select the the beginning of time option.

5 – Next, check the Cookies and other site and plugin data and then Cached images and files options for the items that you want cleared from the browser.

6 – There are other option available in the same settings page for clearing browsing data, including browsing history, download history, passwords, autofill form data, hosted app data and media licenses.

7 – Once you have made required selections, click on the Clear browsing data button to finish the job.

8 – That’s all.

When done, increase in browsing speed will be noticeable. Also, you will be able to load webpages which were not opening previously with this Fix webpage not opening on Chrome solution above. Moreover, some services may require you to re-sign in to them since they forget previous login details after the removal of cache and cookies. Did you find it useful? Do share in comments section below.

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